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Friday the 13th Questions...

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So Jason never really died from drowning? Bc in parts 1-3 he has regular skin and parts 4-8 he is the unstoppable monster... So if he never actually died from the drowning incident why tf was the mom so butthurt? i also notice she never claimed he died in part 1 only drowned...
So was he dead or not dead pre part 4? Bc if he drowned a long time ago and was a zombie in part 1 shouldn't he have stayed a boy and not grow?
And how tf did Jason age like 15 years from part 1 to 2??

I'm just trying to see if anyone can clear some things up bc if he was alive pre part 4 it doesn't make sense and if he's dead pre part 4 it still doesn't make sense... I think this is one of many things that were never explained when pertaining to the Friday the 13th franchise..


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    1. This was not supposed to be a franchise, but when it grossed a ton of money on a shoestring budget they decided to keep it going so that explains why they brought Jason in since his mom had already gotten decapitated.

    2. The sequence at the end of the original with Jason grabbing the girl in the boat was a dream if I'm remembering right. So technically since you never saw Jason in the original it makes sense that he's around 33 during Part 2.

    3. The original begins in 1958 with the two camp counselors getting killed (who were presumably responsible for Jason's death) and then flashes to "present day" (1980) when the camp is re-opening which 🤬 Mommy off so she decides to resume her murderous rampage.

    4. This franchise was a cash cow and passed through so many directors, producers, actors, writers etc. they basically just freestyled 🤬 as to the way Jason looked, especially after Tom Savini quit after Part 4.

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    Yea i forgot the Friday the 13th series wasn't suppose to be solely about the Jason just like Halloween with Michael Myers which i guess explains why both have their share of plot holes and starts to get all over the place with the story
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