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Wiz caught laid up with........

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I know you locked the other thread but breaking news.......


  • goldenja
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    there's 2 sides to every story.. and this was the other side of it?
  • Busta Carmichael
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    Names of these broads?
  • nex gin
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    Can't fault a nigguh for twins though. What else was he suppose to do?
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    I usually don't go in on people's looks, but they aren't bad, I am sure they don't offer much else, this is an L in my book! You don't lose your wife over some around the way ass
  • Max.
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    Some instagram hoes
  • MrCrookedLetter
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    Ima have foursome, 🤬 yall
  • gns
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    I thought these 🤬 got some type of "understanding" with these hoes b4 they marry em?!

    So these chicks go after rappers and ball players, finally get a commitment out of them, and expect them to be faithful?

    Come on even MLK was smashing mad hoes i'm sure Ghandi had them red dots lined up if he wanted 2 as well. Point is any dude in a position of power and influence gonna have ass thrown at them, dont c y they get with a chick that dont understand and accept that...in that case just do like the homie Derek Jeter.
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    Peanut_205 wrote: »
    Amber rose >>>>>> these two at the same damn time


    Turfaholic wrote: »

    Yea id smash these two at the same time once over a lifetime with Amber Rose

    I change my mind. Wiz won...kinda
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  • Breezy_Kilroy
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    They cute but both they bodies together equal 1 Amber.

    I would've smashed two Ambers if I was going to jeopardize my marriage.
  • silverfoxx
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    FKA Twigs>>>>>>> All these 🤬
  • O.G.
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    Two average looking girls ain't worth 🤬 up a marriage for.