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Caring for White Shoes

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I was in Montreal a lil while ago at my grandmother's and unravelled my old crisp white uptowns. Needless to say, the top was relatively white but the soles had turned into a yellow-beige color :( 🤬 looked disgusting SMMFH. For that reason, for a while I've refrained from predominantly white shoes unless I'm gon rock it a few times and dash em.

How the hell do yall keep ya white shoes staying WHITE ??? What are some tips yall use to prevent that ??

Also how the hell do yall prevent your white shoes from creasing ?? (if that's even possible)

Any help and assistance would be appreciated..... anything is plenty mang.


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    Toothpaste and warm/hot water and a toothbrush to scrub. Then use soap (hand soap is cool) and scrub w/ toothbrush again. Try to use a white toothpaste and a clear liquid soap. 3rd, to maximize it, get white shoe cleaner (kiwi squeeze with foam top) apply it afterwards. Use a cloth/paper towel to get off any overage of application.

    This method is used for preserving ya kicks in between wears. As far as your situation, I haven't had that problem, but I haven't bought up town's in years and when I was rockin'em I knew the were only good for about 5-7 wears max. If your jus gonna have'em sitting b4 sportin', keep'em in the box and put masking tape around the soles/bottoms of the shoe, that should help from the discoloration.

    As far as the creases, I know they sell those decrease shoe inserts, but I've never used them. This is why I haven't bought 1's in 4eva and a day. If u want way less crease, go SB's, preferably high top.
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    I was told once that vim cream is good to clean white shoes

    My aunt is a nurse and she uses it to clean hers
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    All white shoes is wack

    And idk if there is a way around that 🤬 ...gymshoes are jus 🤬 cheap all around the board game...spend a few hundred dollars back in 05, 06 on some mikes that were white n gold, came n a two pair set. Got um jus for flipping cause even 🤬 n white boyz wear mikes, and i aint tryna have on wat they got on lol....but say that to say i wrapped them in ziplocks, threw silica packs all in um and kept um in a dark dry closet and dem 🤬 STILL yellowed after a few yrs of jus sittim around....

    Sneakers are jus fuckim cheap ...the main brands anyway, nike, jordan, addias etc
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    I bought actual white shoe paint and a paintbrush. They look good as new. You can't get the paint for cheap on ebay.
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    Keep em clean when u wear wn.
    For long term storage, you can get the plastic show containers. Put the pack of silica gel in there with them too to keep them from yellowing
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    I use Jason Markk Cleaner on all of my shoes... and they look pretty crispy

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    they naturally turn yellow after awhile
    use them for the club now