What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

🤬 of the Year (updated w/new 🤬 train vid)

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I'm going to have to go with Dr. Ben Carson. Such a disappointment.



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    Whoeva that black chick that's on Fox "News".
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    stephen A.

    not only did he apologize but he got "a week off" and came back like nothing happened because he stood his ground and a white chick that didnt understand felt offended.

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    Steve Harvey, Pharell, mostly a lot of black entertainers, that black pastor who had that racists ex NBA team owner.
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    larry 🤬 elder
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    Muhannad X wrote: »
    I didn't like Young Thug's statement about the Ferguson situation. Didn't like what Steve Harvey did. Stacey Dash been going hard too last year, but who gives a f*ck at the end of the day. Calling black men or women in the public eye generic a*s names like 🤬 from the anonymity of your alias on a hip hop website is easy.

    If you gonna call them out, I wanna know what YOU are doing for black people or even your immediate circle. Which black person have you employed (or even put money in his pocket)? What voluntary work have YOU done? Post up the url of the business(es) you own. Talking sh*t about other n*ggas who are in a better position than you financially and have way more to lose than you is cheap. I'm not exclusing myself. I can talk smack about Steve Harvey all day, but - whether he was wrong for what he did or not - I'm almost positive he does more for blacks than me.
    I say all that to say this. Stop focussing on what these black entertainers and black people in the public eye in general who been compromized are saying and doing to keep that check coming in and DOU YOU. N*ggas always wanna complain from the sidelines (that goes for me too).

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    What did Gates do to have him on that list?

    And how is Chris Carter a 🤬 for saying that overuse of corporal punishment is wrong?
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    Talk just naming names. Mlk would be a 🤬 to yall if he did or said something yall disagreed with
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    Curious... Whats the beef with Barkley?

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    When exactly did the definition of "🤬 " change to where it's the same as an Uncle Tom?

    I know it's crazy right? It was the IC that taught me that 🤬 cause....


    Word Origin

    Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.
    a rustic or undignified person.
    British Dictionary definitions for 🤬
    (informal) short for raccoon
    (offensive, slang) a Black person or a native Australian
    (South African, offensive) a person of mixed race

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    This list very suspect.....

    True, some are well deserved, but a quite leaves me questioning the integrity and intent of the person who "organized" this
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    Isn't trying hard to expose black people some kind of coonery in itself?
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    a.mann wrote: »
    This list very suspect.....

    True, some are well deserved, but a quite leaves me questioning the integrity and intent of the person who "organized" this

    C'mon man you know what it is.. they throw 🤬 around here like 🤬 throw dollar bills at bullet hole dogfaced strippers
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    So let me get this straight. It's okay to call every black man you ever come in contact with in your life a 🤬 , but the actual black folks who are selling out our race we should not call 🤬 ? Man 🤬 all that. It's soft as ideals like that that make it acceptable to 🤬 on us openly. Nah bro...if you're on some 🤬 🤬 I hope you het called a 🤬 every day for the rest of your life till the day you die. If you go out of your way to throw black folks under the bus and give theae crackers a pass every chance you get....you are a 🤬 🤬 and you gotta deal wit it.

    Nothing wrong wit turnin up on these 🤬 .🤬 'em.
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