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Vince Russo: ECW Did Not Influence WWE Attitude Era

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    I call 🤬 on this. There was no 🤬 matches in WWE until ECW became popular. The foul language, 🤬 wearing next to nothing to the ring were all products of ECW
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    Don't get me started.
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    Don't get me started.

    Go ahead, drop that wrestling rant
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    Someone's trying to get in good graces with hhh
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    I think Paul Heyman would disagree, but I bet Russo wouldn't want that to get to him.
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    Go home Russo, you're 🤬 or high as a kite.
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    The WWF did a series of ladder matches between HBK and Razor Ramon to see how the crowd would react to such a gimmick. The crowd ate it up and the WWF moved forward with their new move. Even though it's not the first ladder match in WWF history (1 other took place in the late 70s/early 80s), it's the most noteworthy.

    The WWF Attitude Era all started with Shotgun Saturday Night. It was like an experiment for the company to broadcast matches from bars, casinos, train stations, and other intimate locations, such as ECW had been doing. The close crowd to the ring, the wild atmosphere, loose ropes, taking it to the crowd, weapons, off the wall antics, the high risk maneuvers, the cheapness of the production, etc, were all direct rips of ECW.

    Then Shotgun became a regular program that would tape before RAW as dark matches; nothing 🤬 about the matches; but the WWF took that experiment of Shotgun and amped it up on RAW and Smackdown where in primetime, they could do more with the ideas. There were the tables, ladders, chairs, naked women, drugs, sex, alcohol, blood, etc on those programs to not only destroy WCW, but with the help of ECW's ideas on a larger stage, destroy ECW as well.

    You have to remember, when WCW was about to put the WWF out of business in the early to mid 90s, Vince worked a deal with Heyman to cross promote. ECW did a duel RAW show from the Hammerstein Ballroom where every other match was WWF-ECW. It was an attempt to gain viewership from the ECW viewers and to have folks tune away from WCW. Then Vince noticed how the crowd reacted to ECW action in HIS ring and devised the idea of going 🤬 himself, full time, for what he called Attitude.

    That's how the ladder matches came about, then Shotgun Saturday Night, the Attitude Era, then ending in the Ruthless Aggression Era. All were birthed from the ideas and the bought talent of ECW.