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**Ladies...Having male company over..or on the way...when you have GAS****

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ok i know we have all been in the situation where your somewhere and yo stomach just out the nowwhere staarts tearin it up and u just need to start letting out them conservative poot poots

but what about when u have a dude coming over and you got that GAS....is it a no go??? or a nah
i know there was a recent situation when i was expecting me lil friend to come over one night and im getting ready u know cleaning the house and all that stuff n i HAD that GAS i was soooo 🤬 mad cause man this is my lil boo thang and i aint seen him since forever due to his job

so im tryna get it all out n stuff but it just wouldnt stop coming i was so 🤬 🤬 !!!....so i finally called him and told him that i had to babysit some neighbors kids

@pico in this situation what would you have done.....