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Rum Middleton
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I got a PS3 and was playin NBA 2K Wednesday night just fine..I dont play online...dont have the internet.

Last night when I turned the game on it said
AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING START UP OPERATION (80010006) Has anybody experienced this before? If so what did you do to correct the situation?


  • nawledge_god
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  • Rum Middleton
    Rum Middleton Dedicated. Determined. Disciplined. Members Posts: 5,265 ✭✭✭✭✭
    To search for the answer? I tried that, it said somethin about a patch. I dont have the internet at home and I thought the patch was for updates and correcting glitches wit the game..

    I also called PS3 and did the trouble shooting but still the same message I get..
  • achewon87
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    It might be a scratched or a smudge on the disc...

    The error code you got is usually for faulty installs and you might have to re-install the game completely...

    Clean the disc first and try again...