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Happy 20th Anniversary Donkey Kong Country!

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In 1994 Nintendo released the Super Nintendo hit Donkey Kong Country. The game used ACM (Advanced Computer Modeling) for the graphics produced. A wireframe of the characters was used to build the characters, then they were filled and textured. Next, the characters would be animated by moving the limbs and so forth. The game industry was already digitizing photos and film into sprites, as was done in early Mortal Kombat games. But with DKC they digitized 3D rendered images and ended up producing the best 2D game graphics (at the time). However, graphics weren't the only high marks of this game, it was complete with a variety of moves, bonus levels, animals to ride, a nice soundtrack, and challenge. Before DKC, Donkey Kong had been only a minor character, showing up in a few cameo roles, despite the fact he was in the first hit game Nintendo produced.