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D Lo Brown: Why a New Nation of 🤬 Won't Work in the WWE Today

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    It ain't gonna work because Vince isnt gonna go all the way with it. Hence why they changed Kofi/Big E/Woods into a bunch of Kirk Franklin rip offs, instead of pushing them as serious characters.
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    Yea the N.O.D. was too strong for an all black team. I dont think Vince expected that. Which led to the internal combustion of it. Between The Rock and Farooq beef and adding Owen Hart, it was obvious NOD was being broken down. The was by far the most legit and successful black stable. B4 we MOM, then everything after was typical stereotype black characters. This right here let me know WWE had bigotry behind the scenes.

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    D'Lo was never the same after he broke Droz neck