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MTV "Real World" Star Ryan Knight Found Dead At 29

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It has been an extremely hard, sad couple of weeks for the Real World/Challenge family. Diem Brown lost her long battle to cancer earlier in November, and today, Ryan Knight—better known simply as "Knight"—was found dead, according to TMZ. He was just 29 years old.

Knight was reportedly out partying on Wednesday night, but was found dead by a friend this morning. He allegedly choked on his own 🤬 , and a source told TMZ that he had taken "some pills."

The reality star made his first appearance as part of the Real World: New Orleans cast. He went on to appear on several seasons of The Challenge. We can't even imagine how crushed his castmates are—losing Diem was devastating enough and now yet another charismatic friend has passed away.


    So nobody is gonna act like they didn't see this coming a long ass time ago? It's sad that most people including myself only really know him from being a dope head stonner.

    Not trying to be all political or pull the race card. But it's hilarious how none of this is brought to the forefront whenever it's a white person. If you bring this up they will be like "🤬 , not right now!!!! Let us morn first, show some respect for the dead". Y'all already know where I'm about to go with this so nothing else needs to be said lol. I know he's a nobody but it's still stands what I said.
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    So we gona act like this thread hasnt been made 3 times
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    i havent kept up with any of these threads aint this like the second or something mtv person to die?
    tch tch serial killers getting tired of them 🤬 reruns
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    in b4 "R.I.P."
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    Dont mix 🤬 and pills kids.
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    Powerful words

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    I never really liked his character and thought he was a 🤬 but R.I.P. i guess.
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    Oh yea, 0-2.

    Black Excellence!!!
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