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Released: September 5, 2014
Genre: Electronica, R&B, trip hop

Track Listing

1. Alibi
2. Goddess
3. Waiting Game
4. Brain
5. This Is What It Feels Like
6. You Should Know Where I'm Coming From
7. Stick
8. 🤬 'Em Only We Know
9. Drowning
10. Beggin' for Thread
11. Change
12. Someone New
13. Warm Water
14. Under the Table
15. And I Drove You Crazy [*]
16. Fall Over [*]
17. Before I Ever Met You [*]
18. Bedroom Wall [*]

Jillian Rose Banks is a relatively new artist from Los Angeles who has been compared to artists such as Aaliyah and Erykah Badu because of the similar vocals they display in their music.

Banks' music could be described as dark and depressive but it truly displays her emotion and passion she has for her music. One example of that is the song 'You Should Know Where I'm Coming From'. A very emotional and heartfelt song about a relationship.

"🤬 Em Only We Know", has a great melody and some hip hop elements to it.

More upbeat songs like 'beggin for thread' should and most likely will get a lot of play on radios and in movies and on TV.

Her album ''Goddess" is a solid first effort which I highly recommend listening to.