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The Game Awards Will Have 12+ World Premieres, Keighley Teases One "People Are Gonna Go Crazy" For

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On December the 5th Geoff Keighley will host The Game Awards, and he recently took to Twitch to give more information about what the show will entail.

Asked by a fan how high we should set our expectations, he responded citing Shuhei Yoshida “You should set your expectations at nothing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if anything happens,” but then he quickly added:

"I reviewed something today which is kind of a out of the left field announcement, which I wasn’t sure of how big it was gonna be, but i saw the assets and I’m like “wow, people are gonna go crazy for this.”

He also confirmed that he’s working with both Sony and Microsoft about Playstation and Xbox-related content.

Keighley then explained that the show is a balance between awards and reveals, leaning a bit more towards first looks at upcoming games.

There will be more than a dozen world premieres, but not all of them will be “world level, megaton breaking announcements.” While there are definitely some “cool announcements” of games that haven’t been seen before but there are also “really meaningful updates” about games coming next year.