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Juvenile's Wife blocked me on IG Lol!!

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Juvie's wife was following me on IG and she was cool posting and commenting and 🤬 but the other day she post some " Juvie back with Cash Money ya"ll" with a pic of him and Baby. What I commented back I thought was accurate and honest. She did not like it as she unfollowed me , blocked me and replied "🤬 you 🤬 ! " lol lol

All I said was "Really..... for the 3rd time in his career. LOL Hope his album gets a release date. B.G. gonna release an album on CM before Juvie and Gizzle not signed to them and locked up for another decade ma..."

Why she catch feelings over that?? Should a screenshoted that 🤬 but wasn't expecting it lol