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New D'Angelo Album "Black Messiah" Dropping 12/16!!

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Just when you thought this month couldnt get any crazier.....


D'Angelo has announced the long, long-awaited followup to his 2000 opus Voodoo. It's called Black Messiah, and it's credited to D'Angelo and the Vanguard. A short teaser for the album that features a snippet of music was posted online by his manager, Kevin Liles, as Consequence of Sound points out.

The album will debut this Sunday at a New York City listening session sponsored by Red Bull Music Academy and Afropunk. The session will be hosted by author Nelson George.
Photos of what looks like a completed, packaged album are also floating around Twitter, as Consequence of Sound points out.



Im keeping this in the reason.


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    I thought he went Detox. This album has been "99% complete" for 5 years.
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    Great news

    Voodoo was a masterpiece

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    🤬 -lee-shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    I cannot 🤬 wait. Coincidently I been having voodoo and brown sugar on rotation this past week 🤬 I've needed to soothe my soul from all the stresses of life.
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    Still dont believe it 100%

    Questlove hasnt confirmed on ig yet. Haven't checked twitter tho
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    2014 going out with a bang huh? Good 🤬 ....instant cop
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    Well, damn. This is easily the most I've been excited for an album in years.
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    Lol i was wondering what happened to my thread
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    Shut up and take my money!
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    AggyAF wrote: »
    Lol i was wondering what happened to my thread

    I was gonna merge it with this , then said 🤬 it lol
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    BoogaSuga wrote: »

    Shortly after Bonnaroo, Questlove told Rolling Stone that D'Angelo had recorded nearly 30 tracks at Electric Lady, the same New York studio where the singer cut Voodoo. "He is about to take a radical 180 turn with this record," Questlove said at the time. "It's going to throw people off the same way that Prince's 🤬 Mind threw his R&B fanbase off. In the past few years, he's discovered Bowie and Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pet Sounds, Captain Beefheart and Zappa." At the time, Questlove said that the musician was experimenting with guitar arrangements and creating his own keyboard sounds.

    In January 2013, Questlove told Billboard that D'Angelo's album was "99 percent done." "I would not be far off by saying this is probably my generation's version of Sly [and the Family Stone's] There's a Riot Goin' On," the drummer said. "It's potent. It's funky. It's an extremely hard pill to swallow.

    "It's going to take you about 10 years to digest this record," he added. "Totally brilliant. Just the way this society works with music...being able to judge if something is a classic after the first listen, you can do that after 30 seconds on this. And the fact that we started this record in 2004, and it still sounds like it came out five years from now, it is a testament to the timelessness of it."

    In a June interview, Liles said that the Bonnaroo show inspired D'Angelo to want to finish the album. "He very bluntly put it, 'Kev, the studio and the stage: that's my lifeblood. Now that I've touched it again, now that I see it again, I wanna be sure that the baby I'm about to have – the album – that I take it to the point where it's all it can be.'"


    I know yall love the ngga but i dont really 🤬 wit Questlove ol 'im the gatekeeper to your good music' ass. Feel like i've read similar 🤬 from him about a couple artists

    And thats like 5 'experimental' tags in that interview im gonna temper my expectations