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Daily shorts

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Never been much of a writer but once was an avid reader so here I go.. everyday of this month ins do a new story in this thread.....🤬 are gonna be off the cuff no.brainstorming just hitting the post and flowing.....well here I go..

story 1..pt 1

"Oh 🤬 ....oh shiiiieeeet!" Joel whispers under his breath. "Da 🤬 ima do now". Standing on the threshold of his apartment the scene before him is one of complete chaos. He runs back into the hall and glances out the corridor window. A black car idles on the curb, parking lights on, 2 bulging figures are positioned in the front seat with a third lounging in the back...all eyes intent on the window of his apartment.

He knows what they're waiting on. For him to turn o the lights....that would be there cue.. a cue to rush the steps and corner him for the debt he owes...

"Oh 🤬 oh 🤬 "

"Gotta think fast"

He runs to the bac k stairway trying to make a break for the fire exit but too late for there is another dude on the bottom of the steps in anticipation.........a gun is raised....shots ring out and the last words are Joel mouth are "Mike....I'm sorry......

To be continued.


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    (Story of child birth from babies perspective...)

    Boom bono boom boomp.....

    (Where am ?).....(who am ?)

    (I can't see or even barely move) in a space that is both binding yet somehow comforting I find myself awoken......oddly I feel no sense if panic. I dont feel anything.....for their is nothing.....or so it seems on the surface...and then with a soft pop and a whooshing sound I am thrust from captivity into a world of sensation
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    out of a world of blackness I am thrust into one of hues I have never seen before. I hear shrieking and sounds of pain/joy?. This relentless assault of new and wondrous experiences on my senses are too much and I too let out cryies of joy.