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***New T-Rock Don't blow my high***

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***New T-Rock Don't blow my high*** 3 votes

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  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    sound cool, raps hard
  • CantBanTheSoulMan
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    Sounds like it coulda been made in 2007, he hasn't changed a bit. Still using the same 36 mafia instrument kit for FL Studio I see. Glad to hear something from this duded again though, I used to bump that Defcon 1 and The Mr Washington Story,or something like that, joint on bootleg. He needs to update his style though.
  • marc123
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    Beat sounds dated and not in a good way.

    Its a shame a 🤬 as dope as rock stay wit them super wack beats.

    Hook hella corny too btw
  • mrrealone
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    Yeah, they over there still dropping good music and tryna make big moves......

    Bigger deal, movies, always hope the best for them cats......
  • BlackAX410
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    T-Rock gotta link up with better producers, so many great rhymes from him have been wasted on trash beats. The lyrics were cool but the hook was doo doo crumbs and the beat sounded like a throwaway so so def track
  • Ear2DaSt
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