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Primal Things-St.Nic

Lebong James
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check it out


  • hisstory1
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    Something for the ladies.

    ladies what do y'all think?
  • Kobiii
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    You got potential bruh. Tweak around with your voice on the mix to make it clash better. I like it and the bars are there. Keep it up.
  • Kobiii
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    Only person on these boards atm and I can't post a topic. So here's my bars. Put my life in these. Y'all gonna dig it and you don't even know it yet.

    Remix to Terrorist Threats by Ab-Soul


    Had em drawn

    Burned to the ground

    then its shadow spawned 

    never bite the flow, but, that 🤬 was on

    Seem ab-stract ideas gon’ free the pawns

    Chris 🤬 cut some snakes when he mowed the lawn

    Turned around the same snakes told him move along

    blatant paradigms.. snakes won’t spare a life, or think twice ‘fore they take a bite

    out to conjure convicts just so they constrict their vice

    the number caught or shot dependent on the jailers price

    and my advice? telling you its time to splice, rise and chap’ron lies to light

    stand-up-and-fight _ you gonna live on your knees or die on your feet, 

    times up for copping pleas, asking please _

    all they ever do in return is scoff, cough, feed trough with 🤬 green

    sitting round with soul and smoke 30 G’s,

    fell asleep, then I woke up in a crazy dream

    mind still enlightened 'spite all the hazy trees

    trying to find a reason for it all I see is leaves

    Masked in a dense fog blowing with the breeze 

    they all start falling screaming SOMEONE HELP US PLEASE

    while the evergreens laugh cause they flourishing

    the blind leaves scream louder KOBY HELP US PLEASE

    use your mind, spread your message, you can set us free!

    I spit some bars, breathed life, and then I decreed

    The time was now, 🤬 give this forest peace

    The fog cleared up, all the pain and strife was ceased

    Old leaves fell slaves but new leaves grew free

    Spoken word after verses

    See it was all symbolic of the people we be

    trees victims of the weather ever at its mercy

    To their lives, the money, the dollars, the green, the king

    ruling over their lives, making slaves out of all of our minds

    The evergreen trees thrived the rest fight to survive

    then Koby arrived, contrived bars on his inner Kendrick,  soul and Jesus Christ 

    An everyday dog sparked a mindset that controlled the fog 

    No longer could the evergreens be playing 🤬

    the ground had become equal, system without a flaw

    every tree can prosper, white or brown, fat or skinny short or tall

    see this is how 🤬 sees us, don’t let the devil deceive ya

    money nothing but paper,

    lift enlightened up and see the dollar meet its maker

    You welcome.

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