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Lyfe Jennings New Single " Pretty is "

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Following his 2013 LP Lucid, Lyfe Jennings is on his grind working on another still-untitled project to be released later this year by Red Music/Sony. It’s headed by this single “Pretty Is,” and by the title you already know Lyfe is spitting some realness, like always!

The track is a relaxed midtempo groove that has the musician assuring real beauty isn’t solely based on the surface, rather through actions as a reflection of one’s spirit. “Pretty is what pretty does / You’ll always be pretty because you’ll fall but get up / Pretty is what pretty does / You’ll always be pretty because you’re still full of love.”

Lyfe wrote on Twitter, “Request "PRETTY IS" by Lyfe Jennings at your local radio station now!!! We finally ready!”

Are YOU ready for Lyfe’s return?

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