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Need some data recovery help!

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I have a drive data forsome reason stopped working.

It seems to be the firmware.

it spins but wont read.

i tried easeus and all type of data recovery software.

i even sent to to a few companies and they couldnt get the 🤬 working to capture the data.

the drive wasnt dropped sothe disks arent scratched...i just keep being told its the firmware...but they cant find a copy of the particular firmware to re-install.

i was told unbuntu can see it but to get the data would be a challenge.

any advice...other than throw the 🤬 away?


  • onthaflyonthafly Members Posts: 1,143 ✭✭✭✭
    I doubt it's firmware if it just stopped working. The drive probably failed but sometimes you can try to force a drive online after it fails. It's only a matter of time before that 🤬 crashes again and it'll probably be harder to get it back online the next time. I'd use ubuntu to mount the drive and move the data over to another drive.
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