What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Create Your Own Label Tournament FINALS! The GOODROC Foundation vs Freak Hos & Flows!!!



  • Ibex
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    Wow I'm in disbelief I was prepared to go out on my Marvin Hagler 🤬 and just retire to never be heard from again. Once Sion got Jigga I thought it was over, but I just said 🤬 it I came this far let me put out some projects and see what happens....This was an EPIC finals matchup @Sion you put out some phenomenal work, this was truly a great display of two competiers in their prime going for a championship. Shout out to everybody that participated in the game, all the judges, and Cheese for bringing this GOAT game to AHH and to Dubbz for carrying the torch. I was able to create a label with artist I really listen to, and I'm humbled by the people that appreciate what I put out, and grateful I got the opportunity to display my talents.

  • jazzybella
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    So when the next one start?
  • TonyDubbz
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    Daaaaaamnnn what a match up! its crazy how this last match up was quite possibly the easiest one to get votes for.. (This is something thats gonna have to be taken into consideration before the next game kicks off not matter if im hosting or not and if & when we the players decide on it.) Might have to make some changes to the way votes are done in the future. Respect to everyone who dropped a vote so that we could give these two a good ass final round.

    And now without further ado.. i'll officially announce that @Ibex IS our winner!

    Congrats bruh!

    This was a hell of a match up and I knew it would be nothing short of that. Both @Sion and Ibex were on top of their game and this 🤬 could of went either way. Just like Sion said hes no stranger to the finals as this will make his 3rd time making it to the final match up. This 🤬 has been a problem since the very first game, no lie. It is good to see another veteran player pick up a win. @Ibex been holding it down for CYOL since the very beginning so he deserves it.

    @icebergtaylor you see this bruh? its time for you to com up off that championship
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