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Reflection-nature poem story Trees and Water/STory poem/alternative to creation about 3pgs.

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The tree told the water from the river to stop flowing because it was drowning its seeds.  The water, already knowing, told the trees- that the trees "needed to drink more and the water would then strengthen its leaves enough to no longer have to lose its seeds." 

The trees knew this would be a problem and could not understand why the water would respond in such a way. 
Oh, the nature of the world is that tomorrow will be different than today-for the only consistency is change.

Normally the water would move where the trees asked; and where it could not go,
it would ask its husband from above for help.  So, Sky would collect himself by blotting out the sun as he joined his wife in a private show of affection that sprung forth showers to desert lands, leaving traces of her to where the river had no connection. And this temporarily fulfilled her requests to be where she could not see her reflection. 
For a moment, this union of sky and river was like the two were holding hands and sharing a kiss; bodies in perpetual motion, a vivid detection of Bliss.
The seduction was felt through the winds.  
Today was different, and the trees could tell the river would make no amends.
Mysticism, roots, potions and spells.  The trees knew a lot, and knew that something was coming; but what (?) they could not tell. 

They threw their roots deep in the ground.   Deeper and deeper where they believed there was no water found.  To an outside eye, it would appear the trees had sunk.  But they knew fastening their legs deep in the soil could only do so much and there would have to be another defense to clutch. 

The water laughed and told the trees, "I feel what you are doing.  My paths have changed and I am inside you all.  There is nothing you can do unless you choose to fall."  So with this said the water began to rise.  If trees had ankles the water was up to its thighs.  The trees were fat and the trees did swell.  Pretty orange leaves budded for honey bees to swarm.  Animals below looked at the trees with great alarm.  The forests grew dark and they grew much more damp.  Slithering things once hidden were pronounced now, revamped.  A mist hovered the ground, thick--it was called the fog.  Clouds from above drew, although still….little rain would fall. 
"This is not the doing of her husband, no it isn't."  The trees told each other that another was present.  To the stars they could call and signal their waves of parted tree branches and signs shown through shades. 
If the stars did not fall and could still read the signs, in the twilight of dusk before darkness becomes the night; then the stars could darken their glow to lessen their halo and the earth could tilt to force the water-steady to tip over and spill.  So the trees did just this at dusk and they spread their branches apart.  They pointed their leaves up and up in the direction of the northern star. 
For days nothing happened and the months grew cold.  Colder than ever before and this secret "WIN-"was never told.  How the water grew cold and heavy to the ground.  No longer free flowing but heavy, thick and still bound. 
River called to the trees, daring them to do what they will.


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    Again the trees wondered what started all of this. They asked: "Why would the water try to punish them for their only right to exist?" To this the water responded "I have children in other places that I cannot see. They are growing dry from all your life and all your seeds need me. But I cannot share you with Sky, so stay away from me; for you keep leaving and changing all while holding things from me.
    I just found out your hills for years have been keeping these away from me. There is nothing you can do to wipe the salt from my eyes, and until a river branches to touch them again, I care nothing for your lies."

    So the animals that once slithered sunk and drowned. The crawlers and leapers in the trees shivered. And the winds hollowed--delivered on the ground a whistling and frailty, brittle with strange sounds.

    The water pushed and pushed to try and break through the hardening of its almost solid form. It was able to move-- but it wanted to storm. It's movement was hindered, thick and slow enough to make one tree after another split, break, and tip. One after another, a tree in the forest did fall.
    The birds flew before they hit the ground. They were the only thing living that could leave knowing--if the trees did make a sound.

    Those trees left behind knew war was declared as the water was up to their necks. They gasped and they stood trembling with fear--holding their breath, while watching the water make trees fall to their death.
    The water was cold and almost still, sprung up until it filled the bellies of the trees. The bellies burst, the bellies of the trees, and all, all that was left-- was but debris, brushed away like leaves.

    From deep under the remaining number of trees stretched their roots and grew long enough for each to touch and the trees did embrace and count their rings. They locked one branch with another and braided each strong; to prepare themselves for the next time the river would bring a flood.

    For now, the only thing created in this war was something anew, formed form an unlikely bond swamping called mud.

    The trees searched and searched for others to help, but the closest trees were too far and could not hear. They could not see them any more for like River spoke, they had sunk below the hills.

    The water went blind and divided itself into air. It was a power temporary pushed before it fizzled out its reign. The only time it could connect with other lands was in its relations with Sky called the Rain. As it did this the air grew cold and pushed and waved. It grew a new color, a bit of a haze, it grew pale and soft, white like the clouds.

    The water could see through the shrouded eyes of this new dew formation due to the stars and the trees. As far as the winds could push the snow over the lands. The water could see its beginning and its plan working-- to drift to the sea where its children began-- and although separated; there could be hope again. So driven with much more faith the water did breathe and push once more again.
    But, The trees did not loosen their grip under the land and they stood more lopsided with each day that spanned.

    The sun did shine but its light did not bend, over the trees deformations and shadowed land. It took to the system, its kindred brethren and asked the Northern star what had become of this unbalanced land. The stars did speak and the sun drew a plan to make sure this would never ever in this lifetime happen again. But the night did come and the sun did leave. Coldness swept the forests with winds harsh to the breeze. Branches did fall and the trees…..some did 🤬 . But they said: "the water would regret this coming attack."

    The soil grew wet and it grew hard and cold. The water pushed the stones and minerals of the earth below. The twigs above snapped and broke and the water and the trees……seemed to make the same sound of winds waving themselves through leaves. Over the land water would sprout like a plant growing from dirt. But this was painful to the trees because this was not life and it hurt. One squirt of water would seep up from the earth and in another spot and in another spot the soil would bubble and pop-- then stop. The ground was unsteady and the mother river was not going to stop. With one more push the water did manage to reach the top of all the trees that turned over the earth and suffocated the water, not missing one single drop.

    And this is what happened and the river does know now why it must run its course; for the trees are bound to topple the ground; and in so much soil a River drowns under their force. And although without water seen, trees can be found--pushing even a river under ground and living the same it is an abomination to the Fates.

    So the next day came and the sun did wake
    to find there was no River nor daughter lakes, due to the trees revolt,shaking up the world to Earth's first quake.

    He pulled out his plan to make sure this would never happen again……having seen it before he knew this would stand
    if he did not do-to-it what once happened to him; so the star of day came and walked right on-in to separate the two into four seasons that would follow his rotation and this was the plan he told the water that would allow for her to see her children again. He would stretch her veins through rivers with the seas known better as her ocean. He said this he learned from night in his day to establish a connection that would allow both to exist from the beginning until the end.
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    Explanation of poem For those that need it to be interpreted:
    Basically the River was mad at the trees for partnering with the hills without consulting her. Due to the trees and hills alliance this made it so the river was not able to connect to other bodies of water and lands that needed her. It never communicated this to the Trees because it felt the trees never included her in its communication deal with the hills. The River wanted to be joined with the sea of her children, which is the ocean. Through her attempts to do (all that you read above) she discovered snow and how to use the winds. She also discovered the trees could wipe parts of her out and that she was not sovereign. The Sun is superior to them all and worked out a deal that changed the world from what it once was.
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    Main reason I included this poem, was because someone else on AHH was true enough to reach out to me and say they liked what I write, so I figured I'd share some more and test the Waters/trees
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    Nice poems like this need to be in form of a children's book or cartoon. Strong message.
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    Thanks man, I truly appreciate it. It was pretty long and I agree with you.
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    Great poem very descriptive. I like that it is written in a way you can visualize everything happening.

    You can also get feel for the breezes (wind) the cold elements (weather, snow, rain, water). Great diction.
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    Thanks emaculate. Just like my writing and comments on AHH, my poems also tend to be long; and when I do that I get scared nobody's gonna get it or want to read it; but I keep them that way to tell the entire story. So, when people like you are willing to read it; it is encouraging. I don't give my poetry much investment or time at all (since I have work, investments and a ton of stuff to keep stressed on) and to hear that some people actually like it; draws my attention back to it. Writing books and poetry is what I enjoy the most; but do the least.
    You picked up on my focus also, I am visual cause I want ppl to see what it's in my mind. I don't really care if ppl agree much with me; but I at least like it if they can see where I'm coming from
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    I love this piece...

    Thank you for sharing with us..

    Like I'm hella impressed with your material. .

    Keep em coming because your inspiring people like myself. .
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    Very creative. I could see this being a short film/animation.
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    Tupacfan wrote: »

    I love this piece...

    Thank you for sharing with us..

    Like I'm hella impressed with your material. .

    Keep em coming because your inspiring people like myself. .

    Sorry so late to respond, but thank you much. I'm currently working on a novel and had to put the poetry down for a second, but thank you very, very much.