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2 Chainz: Atlanta Is The "Nucleus Of Music"

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2 Chainz "excited about running 2015" with Street Execs and TRU Records, Travis Porter to return to party music with new mixtape.

During the unveiling of the new, state of the art Street Execs Studios in Atlanta, Georgia last week, College Park lyricist 2 Chainz doted on his city’s positioning in music and expressed his confidence in what Street Execs and TRU Records have in store for 2015.

While speaking directly to media at the unveiling, Chainz went on to refer to the city of Atlanta as “the nucleus of music” and later declared that those who are a part of Street Execs and TRU Records will run summertime.

“[We got] South By Southwest and just some other 🤬 that we about to take over,” 2 Chainz said while speaking with media last week during an exclusive interview. “You dig what I’m saying? So, it just is what it is. We very confident in what we do. Especially being in Atlanta. And Atlanta being the nucleus of music and what’s going on. We feel very excited about running 2015, summertime.”

In addition to 2 Chainz, other Street Execs artists include Young Dolph, Bankroll Fresh, Cap 1, and Decatur, Georgia trio, Travis Porter.

During the studio unveiling, those in Travis Porter shared their plans to release a new mixtape either this spring or summer. The group, who recently released their “Faster” single, also revealed that the project will mark their return to party and feel good music.