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Every Member Of The Avengers, Ranked

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They're called Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but some of the are mightier than others. We've broken down all of the official Avengers — minus a few too recent to judge — to determine who should be assembled first when evil strikes.

1) Captain America

Although Cap wasn't a founding member of the Avengers — he wasn't unfrozen from his block of ice until issue #4 — he's come to epitomize the Avengers more than any other. He's been the leader of the team for most its existence.

2) Thor

Hulk may be the strongest Avenger, but there's no doubt Thor is the mightiest. Not only is he a 🤬 — and a 🤬 worthy of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe at that — he's been an integral part of the Avengers since founding it in 1963, despite having to protect all the nine realms.


3) The Wasp

If Captain America epitomizes the Avengers, Janet Van Dyne is still its heart and soul. She was a founding member, has led the team through some of its most difficult moments, and has the unequivocal respect of gods, robots, and the most powerful beings in the cosmos. Marvel actually put it best when it said if the Avengers were asked to rank themselves, The Wasp would likely be #1.

4) Hawkeye

For all that his "superpower" is shooting arrows really good, Hawkeye has somehow become one of the most indispensable members of the team. As "a regular guy," Hawkeye keeps the Avengers grounded in a way no other member can — a vastly underrated quality that has helped make the team as successful as it has been.

5) Iron Man

He's a founding member of the Avengers in both the comics and the movies, and its his wealth that keeps the organization funded. But despite the fact RDJ has become the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics' Tony Stark is constantly distracted from the team because his personal life is a disaster. He's obviously a major part of the team, but the Avengers have frequently done just fine without him.


6) Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel

Marvel's answer to Superman and Wonder Woman, but much better, Carol Danvers is one of the Avengers' heaviest-hitters, which is saying something when its ranks include Thor and Hulk. Since she took the name Captain Marvel, she's become so indispensable to the Avengers it's unlikely the team will ever be without her again.

7) The Vision

The android "son" of one of the Avengers' deadliest foes, Ultron, the Vision quickly disobeyed his "father" and became a hero. Despite being a robot, he is one of the Avengers' best-loved members (often physically).

8) Hank Pym

For good or ill, Hank Pym is part of the Avengers' DNA. He founded it and has been a key member for most of its existence, despite his habit of switching superhero names and powers. He's had his problems over the years — several of them, in fact — but he's proven himself to be an Avenger time and time again.

9) Spider-Man

I'm sorry to long-time Avengers fans still irked that Marvel shoehorned their most popular character onto their most popular group in 2005, but he should have always been on the team. He's a natural fit, both in the comics universe and reality.

10) Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau's tenure with the Avengers was brief, but she quickly proved herself among Earth's Mightiest Heroes. With the ability to turn herself into any part of the electromagnetic spectrum, she's immensely powerful, but it was her character that so impressed her teammates she became the leader of the Avengers so soon after joining.


11) Black Panther

Black Panther is a tremendous hero of power, virtue and integrity. But when it comes to choosing between the Avengers and Wakanda, the nation he rules, his loyalties are divided, and his frequent appearances and disappearances on the team reflect that.

13) Black Widow

As a former Russian spy, the Avengers has frequent had trust issues with Natasha Romanov. But despite that, she's been one of the most venerable Avengers, even serving as the team leader for a bit.

14) Scarlet Witch

A powerful sorceress and frequent member who would be ranked higher if she didn't have an unfortunate habit of going insane and murdering her teammates/creating fictional children.


15) Quicksilver

The Scarlet Witch's brother isn't crazy, but he's frequently a huge 🤬 . However, when he can get over himself, he's used his super-speed to help save the world as an Avenger on many occasions.

16) She-Hulk

Few Marvel heroes seem to fit on every team, but She-Hulk is definitely one of them. Some people may know her better as a member of the Fantastic Four than the Avengers, but she's been an Avenger for much more of her career.

17) Hercules

Calling Hercules a cross between Thor and Hulk — a super-strong 🤬 who usually punches before he thinks — is accurate, but the boisterous, vain, cocky hero frequently bring as much character to the team as he does power.


18) Beast

Usually, X-Men who join the Avengers stick out like a sore, mutated thumb. Beast is the exception. Brilliant, erudite, and without a massive chip on his shoulder about the state of mutant-kind, he's frequently been called on.

19) Falcon

While Sam Wilson is currently a major part of the Avengers as the new Captain America, he's only become a regular member of the team over the last decade.

20) Hulk

Yes, now the Hulk is major part of the Avengers (thanks in part to the movies) and yes, Hulk even helped found the team. But he also quit almost immediately, and only recently joined back up. The Avengers have spent far more of their history stopping the Hulk than working with him.