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UFC 182: Q&A with CM Punk

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not sure if this been posted anywhere yet

starts @ about 11:00


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    He said "why work somewhere where you're always misrable, you're always mad.." something like that.. I didn't watch it all, in fact I'm gonna finish it up after this post, but so far, you can tell he's very serious about this. I also kinda thought that, like the fan asked, he did it to spite wwe, or at least that was part of it.

    He denies it and said he's doing it for himself.

    He kinda skims over the question as to if he will fight the green ranger since he challenged punk. He said he's been challenged by a lot of ppl and if he was to accept them, he'd be fighting every day.

    Says it's kinda corny. He isn't challenging anyone. Luck is for losers or something like that lol dude hates positive 🤬 it seems sometimes
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    Punk saying some real 🤬 .

    I wanna see him whoop somebody ass in the ring.
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    Smh...I'm bout to watch this now. I didn't even see this thread 🤬 there's like 1020302848 stickied threads in here so on mobile I don't even be scrolling all the way down.
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