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Why aren't black americans in favor of far leftism?



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    the left has everything wrong and western Europe is falling apart

    Everything wrong.....? I'm a moderate so I have conservative and liberal ideas but if it wasn't for leftist ideas, America wouldn't have a minimum wage, workers rights, freedom to vote, etc. Sometimes I think you say things just to sound provocative.

    It was an over exaggeration to make a point. The general philosophy and purpose of leftism is egalitarianism and America is not really about that.

    We have to have a certain amount of equality before the law but it's liberty above equality that's what makes America different from Europe.

    Culturally you are correct but as time goes on, I bet more and more Americans will vote for people who will put more of a focus at helping people at home then babysitting the world. I read today most public school children are in homes that qualify for free lunch programs, it shows poverty in America is growing.

    The united states has suffered worse and we are not that bad now, people forget our economy was worse just a few years ago yet people still crying. A perfect system cannot be created but liberals have driven this idea into minds of people that if we just give more power/money to the government homelessness and other ills will be solved.

    A certain amount of poverty and human suffering has to be factored into the system and accepted. if America changed it's foregin policy and did a 180 on everything it does worldwide nothing would change at home because we are not going to turn around and spend that money on homelessness or education or anything like that

    I agree money isn't gonna solve all the problems of homelessness and the growing poverty in this nation but money will definitely be a part of the solution. Republican presidents have admitted this themselves but it's going to be a nationwide effort, the govt can't do it alone. But the federal and state govts can make better efforts to help the homeless vet problem and make some moves to improve affordable housing.

    There will always be some poverty in a capitalist system, I can live with that but what disturbs me is how quick America is willing to spend trillions on killing people worldwide but won't make the same effort to create more affordable housing in this nation. States like California and NY are seeing more homeless then ever before and building more affordable housing and doing better with healthcare costs will go a long way, if America spends its money better and has a different mindset on how it treats its people. If NK can create affordable housing for most of its people, then America can do more, its getting ridiculous seeing all these homeless people in NY and throughout the nation. I'm also seeing more people collecting trash cans and bottles from the garbage to recycle for 5 and ten cents then ever before. And I work in a rich part of NYC.