What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Hurt feelings everywhere

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    So that explains why my reactions vanished....Again!
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    So that explains why my reactions vanished....Again!

    I want my lol's!!

    those 🤬 is like gold
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    t hide your actions on this site or others. You cannot run, less more hide. These individuals know who they are.

    For those of you who had no part in this crime, but were audience to the mass PM on this site, I most gently remind you that none of your comments in the aforementioned mass message is private as it is saved within the site's database. I encourage all who are still within this PM to remove themselves immediately in order to distance themselves from this ongoing criminal investigation. I merely seek to bring the appropriate individuals to justice and no one else who may have been added to the PM.

    Since this criminal investigation has commenced, all ensuing posts/threads made about the subject will be removed. I again remind all that 🤬 , emails, and other forms of communication are not necessarily "private" if you in some fashion are found to be significantly involved and/or guilty as well. Distance yourself from this crime in all ways unless you, too, wish to become personally involved in the illegal activities listed. Other charges are in the process of being levied as well.

    To those who have reached out in order to check on me and my well-being, I thank you for your compassion, kindness, and well wishes. I took a day to regroup and contact the proper authorities and am proceeding accordingly. I am well and one step closer to justice. For those who have reached out and admitted to being privy to a similar crime committed against you, I am here with powerful legal resources (and my support) if you, too, wish to pursue justice through legal channels.

    This is all I am at liberty to discuss and divulge at this time.

    Mental illness and delusional personality disorder all over this 🤬 . And why must you come up with unbelievable excuses to delete 🤬 just because you're embarrassed? Nobody with an IQ in the triple digits believes any of those excuses. You're deleting it to help the police? Anybody with good sense knows if there was TRULY a REAL investigation they'd want you to leave everything as is at the time of the crime. People talking about it doesn't need to be deleted.

    My few credits of Para-Legal studies and common sense alone is enough to let me know you're wasting your time.

    And the warning to others is so pathetically transparent. Likely because it was written with your tears. See through. Like you've always been. You're just having a nervous breakdown now because what's been said by myself and others has now been proven. And you're at home having panic attacks over it.


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    Ain't this some 🤬
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    How many rooms are being attacked??? All this extra 🤬 is making the situation more memorable...
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