What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




  • willhustle
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    The IC has been & always be about favoritism/politics with posters & mods for certain "reasons". The 🤬 going on for the past week has been stupid af.
  • Parallel
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    deadeye wrote: »
    Parallel wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    Oh she saw it.
    Doubtful given the last active

    She doesn't have to be logged into her account to access the IC.

    Also, considering her technical expertise, it's possible that she's discovered some way to be logged in without it showing up on her profile page.

    No cape......just saying.

    Rumor has it that she was able to access the mod room long before she even became a mod.

    If she could do that with just a regular poster account.....imagine what she could do with a mod account.

    Wouldn't be surprised if she found a way to get admin powers on the low.

    I actually wish she wasn't as skilled as she is because it makes it more difficult for me to monitor her activities and oversee her matriculation.

  • riddlerap
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    including not even post or check the forums regularly. makes sense.
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    Kat wrote: »
    Why was she banned then Jay?

    Because she giving six a taste of what she was dishing not more than two weeks ago?

    ban one, then ban both.

    What happened with choice and six? I know you will give me the actual unbiased rundown. Is she a victim in all this?
  • Aquafina..floe
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    This that dumb 🤬 Charlie didn't so anything unban her 🤬 account yo foreal
  • TheGOAT
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    Is her real name Chuck?

    She lost

    How can a man be with her talkin about, "...yeah, take that 🤬 Charles. Imma 🤬 the 🤬 outa you Chuck."

    Butch ass name
  • Focal Point
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    It's really hilarious how much 🤬 talking and beef occur on this site, but the reality is that y'all all care about each other to, at the weakest some and at the strongest a heavy degree
  • ibestrokin
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    so is @_Jay_ going to apologize to the whole ic and unban some people accounts, that 🤬 six banned for no reason? with great power comes 🤬 who dont know how to use it
  • OmegaConflict
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    Charlie got banned for being jg puupet. She should know better. And rip kat
  • Trollio
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  • bununs alias
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    how life treating you kat
  • Kat
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    Life is shaking 🤬 up right now..but I kinda like it.
  • bununs alias
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    shaking 🤬 up = bad ? i dont understand this speak
  • bununs alias
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    when someone flags me and my post disappears wtf does that mean here ?
  • shit happens
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    Kat wrote: »
    CONFLICT wrote: »
    Charlie got banned for being jg puupet. She should know better. And rip kat

    I was actually supposed to post that message but I got caught up watching Netflix and choice got impatient so he got Charles to do it.

    Thanks Netflix!


    to keep it trill you wouldn't have gotten banned

  •   Colin$mackabi$h
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    gns wrote: »
    I care about a lot of people on here.
    I'm here almost everyday, y wouldn't there b an emotional attachment, nh.
    Y'alls my e friends who knows me best yet don't know me at all.

    Damn right yo I feel you, yall the first thing I see in the morning and last thing I laugh at in the night.

    We have a 🤬 bond.