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'I'ma drive all the cars because i'm gangsta!

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A birthday gift for 24-year-old man at a Florida speedway ended in tragedy when he plowed the $220,000 Lamborghini he was driving into a guardrail, killing his 36-year-old passenger.

Tavon Watson was taking racing advice from instructor Gary Terry on Sunday when he lost control of the Italian supercar at the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Father-of-one Terry died at the scene while Watson was rushed to Celebration Hospital near Lake Buene Vista for treatment where he was later declared stable.

The day out at the track was a present from Watson's wife and he posted a picture of himself next to a red Ferrari on the tarmac just hours before the fatal collision.

'Guess who's driving a Ferrari 458 Italia LSTRF today?' wrote Watson.

'That's right that's right. I ma drive all the cars they have in one day. Because I'm a gangsta like that. Lol.'

Later that afternoon, Watson crashed the Lamborghini Gallardo he was driving , killing Terry who was the operations manager at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World.

Driving days at the track start at $99 and can cost as much as $2,500 for a full race experience with in-car video.

The track is operated by Petty Holdings which also has Exotic Driving Experience franchises at speedways in Atlanta, Dayton Beach, Charlotte, New Jersey and Texas.

Named after the NASCAR legend, Richard Petty, the experience lets fans drive European supercars or NASCAR vehicles at close to their top speeds of 200mph around an oval.

'It's kind of scary to think accidents do happen even though they are rides and there are precautions,' said visitor Autumn Stevenson to WFTV.

As part of the package, visitors are accompanied by a professional driver who sits in the passenger seat providing racing advice.

It is believed that was what Terry was doing when he was killed in the Lamborghini.

The racing track is just south of the iconic Magic Kingdom.

'We offer our deepest sympathies to those involved in today's tragic accident,' said Andrea Finger, spokesperson for Walt Disney World Resort.

According tot he Orlando Sentinel, Petty Holdings LLC also offered its best wishes to the victims and their families.

'On behalf of everyone in the organization, it is with a very heavy heart that we extend our deepest sympathies to those involved in today's tragic accident in Orlando.'

The Exotic Driving Experience, along with its sibling track, the Richard Petty Driving Experience, was slated to close this summer at Disney World for unrelated reasons.

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