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War and The Government Control of Money

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There is a lot of things that we are mistrustful about when it comes to government. We don't trust them with our security, our privacy or our health. But it seems like when it comes to our money, it doesn't occur to us that maybe we shouldn't trust our money as well. In this presentation, Daniel J. Sanchez explains how war has been used by government to distract us from looking at our wallets. The video is over 22 minutes long if you have time to check it out.


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    They also use internet tv and music to dumb the ppl down, do they have your brain and tell you what to think? Think about it!
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    I was just about to watch the video and I see it's from the Mises institute. No thanks.
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    The Federal Reserve be pressing money based on interest
    the whole system is based off of inflation, debt, and credit
    A dollar bill is probably worth like 5 cents, maybe not even that much

    When Roosevelt took the gold standard away
    our money was no longer worth anything
    we "say" the dollar is worth a dollar and so it is
    but in reality it aint worth 🤬

    and every time someone is born they are givin a social security number
    this is basically their worker ID and each one of us is used as collateral
    so that we can continue to print this money at interest. Each one of us
    are labeled as "human resources" and are employees at the United States "Corporation"..
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