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When was da last time I smoked GOOD weed?

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I did smoke like 10gram thats 1 kg right? It was yesterday

damn it was so good best ever i had not to do for bout 5 months. we went out in the woods with a friend and he had some dealers with him i pretended that i was gonna buy so i said i have to test it first i didnt even had money.
so we took a walk out in the wooods for bout 20 minutes and we sat there and smoked in the sun damn it was so good weed. i smoked for bout 10 gram i felt like dying damn it was always white people who walk around in the yard\woods its a very beautifol place where sun and 🤬 ppl go therre relax. it was crazy cuz dma dealers forgot bouto me paying cuzz to high so i went home but i was so damn high so on da way home i robbed a damn sexy lady she had a fat ass just out running .. damn she was 10\ out 10 . i clap her on da ass and sixsack her leg so fell on da grass and i took her iphone where she listen to music and laugh while blastin if i ruled da world

🤬 bless