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Viral Video of a Woman Asking 100 Men for Sex

soul rattler
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What would happen if a complete stranger walked up to you on the street and offered you sex?

YouTube star Andrea Wendel did just that in a new video, asking 100 men on the street to have sex with her after not much more than a greeting.

Not surprisingly, Wendel got a number of "Let's go" and "I would love to" responses from many men.


Wendel got 30 men to agree to have sex with her, while 70 declined.


The myth of men always wanting sex more is rooted in skewed notions of sex drive. As Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: the Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, told Salon, "I would say that women tend to experience 'responsive desire' ... while men experience 'spontaneous desire.'" The more random nature of men's sex drives, Kerner said, can make it appear as though they want it more often.

Yes, Wendel's targets might have offered less flattering answers had she approached them in, say, a dark club on a Saturday night rather than in on the street in broad daylight. But the truth remains that men are more than walking sex drives and women are far more than goalkeepers of sex. Seeing that fact any other way undercuts and undervalues sex for both men and women — no matter who's asking for it.



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  • zzombie
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    They probably thought the 🤬 was crazy
  • DarthRozay
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    Didn't watch, but it that kind of situation it would natural to be suspicious, and so a lot of men
    are gonna decline.

    Yup. Plus a woman being that upfront and direct is uncommon
  • soulbrother
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    If she would have asked 100 men if they want head....she would have gotten prolly 95% yes
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  • BigBallsNoWorries
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    Well I kind of see it like this

    A guy that accepts a random chick (no matter hold good looking she is) coming up to them and asking will they have sex with them

    and is willingly ready to go with her

    To me, is a guy with no options, desperate or just 🤬 as 🤬

    The guys that rejected her, can be perceived as if they hold more value than the guys that eagerly said yes

    or that some of those 🤬 could be 🤬 , which is a possiblity

    but something that can't be ignored is the fact

    that men have been conditioned by society and have accepted the mindset of always in "pursuit" of women

    and that women have been conditioned to play hard to get and filter out the weak and lame dudes that have no game from the ones that hold value, or something worth being with (security, financial, physically attractive etc.)

    but also society has made it that if a female talks open and is comfortable with her sexuality, and is willing to sleep with whoever and as a frequently as she wants, she is seen as a 🤬 , which is wrong and is a complete double standard

    I see like this society at times can brainwash a guy into putting a 🤬 a pedestal, because she is a woman and can be considered more important than males

    ex. girls getting in for free at clubs until a certain time, girl leaves purse at home, can go up to the bar (as long as she is attractive) and get free food all night

    All in all im saying this

    When a male willingly accepts sex from a girl, regardless of quality, thats not as impressive

    as the 🤬 who holds value, and is considered a catch, and has attractive qualities

    who has women chasing after HIM, instead of the other way around and they stay trying to attract him

    and he chooses the BEST possible one for him, because he has reached that status, he has that reputation or he has OPTIONS

    that 🤬 to me gets my respect

  • Melanin_Enriched
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    Didn't watch but how many Hispanics said yes?
  •   Colin$mackabi$h
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    This is 🤬 country.
  • Will Munny
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    Honestly I would say yes, but with extreme apprehension cause I would know 99% it's a prank, but I would have to take that 1% chance it's not.

    I liked the other girl who did the vids like this first tho. Her ass was unreal.
  • Bully_Pulpit
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    im tryna figure out what type of camera they using to get this footage
  • gns
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    CP203 wrote: »
    lol 🤬 is not uncommon, go to germany and watch how many 🤬 come up to you telling you "i stay with you tonight, ja" or " we make party ja"

    I've been to Germany bro. I thin this kinda 🤬 just naturally happens to U.
  • KingFreeman
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    I woulda curved that 🤬 specifically cause she looks gross but I'm bout that life. Just wanna hit it one time and leave em be.
    This isn't rare at all.
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    "I don't want it if it's that easy." - tupac
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    Will Munny wrote: »
    Honestly I would say yes, but with extreme apprehension cause I would know 99% it's a prank, but I would have to take that 1% chance it's not.

    I liked the other girl who did the vids like this first tho. Her ass was unreal.