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The GOAT wrestling promo thread

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The Blueprint:

The cream of the crop!

Ironic considering all the stuff we've heard about him and his ilk. Nonetheless it was still a powerful promo. It seems every generation has the same complaints.

Steve Austin...one word: damn

Roddy Piper is one of the three kings of promos...the other two?

Ric 🤬 Flair!! You can't talk promos without Flair. Any Flair promo is a great one

Hard Times is a classic...great storytelling, passion etc. Dusty was a genius.


  • jono
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    Jake Roberts. The indomitable Snake...his promo technique could never work today it's too quiet and polished. 🤬 would be chanting through the whole thing.

    Heyman the GAWD

    One of the most iconic promos in history

    Heenan is amazing "it's like reading the walls at the bus station" I died.

    The great Raven, very underrated promo guy. Very much like Foley where he opens the character's wounds and shows them to the world and you began to almost pity them despite them being evil and slightly psychotic.

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    Yeah it's really hard to find a great promo that took place 1- live and 2- within the last 15 years. Promos these days are too damn long-winded.
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    eddie's heel run in 2005 gets overlooked

    "think of your family rey. think of your children
    dont make me hurt them
    dont make me take away their papa"

    "i already have your blood on my hands
    if you come back, i'll have your life"

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    That whole angle with Eddie and Rey was golden to me. The promo were he fore fed Rey twizzlers is one of my favorites from him at that time.
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    *Insert any Scott Steiner promo*
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    Jim Ross went in. Almost had me crying as a kid.