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Would the American ProWrestling scene be helped by a ROH vs TNA vs Lucha Underground crosspromotion?

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Now with TNA vs Lucha Udnergound in teh Lucha World Cup and TNa and ROH both on Destination America, would it help shake 🤬 up here, or is teh WWe machine too strong and wrestling ust not popping enough for it to be a factor? Basiclaly having all 3 would it help change anything going on in the wrestling world right now in the states?
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Would the American ProWrestling scene be helped by a ROH vs TNA vs Lucha Underground crosspromotion? 1 vote

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    Too much talent sharing isn't good. Let's break it down

    1) The new DA deal with ROH is going to really hurt Lucha on El Rey because it's splits the audience at that time slot. NXT is on demand and it's owners own the network they are own so it's okay. Lucha and ROH are also owned by networks BUT...

    2) Lucha is expensive to produce, doesn't run house shows or have PPVs, in fact it's not even a real promotion just a brand. On top of that it hasn't been approved for a second season yet which means it might not even be around much longer.

    ROH is always poor because the network doesn't fund it. It also has no first run programming other than its PPVs. It's an unofficial WWE farm league that uses workers from everywhere, including Japan, to supplement their programs.

    TNA is forever unstable financially and burns bridges with performers. It's technically the #2 promotion in the country but it rarely runs house shows and hasn't had a PPV in months. Furthermore, word on the street is their show is getting the boot in September.

    3) Alberto El Patron works and is a top star in Lucha but he also works in ROH, Samoa Joe works in NXT and could still appear on ROH shows something's got to give here. *Somebody needs to sign some real solid contracts at some point.

    4) Half of ROH's roster doesn't 🤬 with TNA. Half of TNA's roster burned bridges with ROH. Management from TNA doesn't 🤬 with ROH and vice versa, that in itself won't work.

    5) Japan pays more than all of them and is the money pit for most of ROH's top guys (Bullet Club). NXT is always looking to poach talent for the WWE. Jarrett's GFW is scooping up guys and looking for TV currently (*see: 3)

    6) TNA allows talent to work other promotions as long as the promotion doesn't have TV, which both Lucha and ROH do and GFW is trying to.

    So no. I don't see that working. 10 years ago...definitely, today? Nah.