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How much does the result of the match affect your opinion of the match?

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Who won/loss, DQ/Count outs how much does this have an influence on how you remember or enjoy a match?

I ask because for years wrestling would have "broadways" (time limit draws) and often people really enjoyed the match without much bother on who won or lost or even a nonfinish.

However these days, it seems that fans judge the quality of a match. more on who won more or loss rather than how it happened or how good the match was.

Let's say for instance, if Owens vs Cena (Elimination Chamber) was the same exact match only it ended in DQ how would that affect your opinion of the overall match?


  • RawAce
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    It affects my opinion on the match greatly .

    I luv storytelling in matches and fueds. That's why im a fan. Part of a story is the ending. Every war has battles and a 🤬 and an ending.
    So when the ending to a great match is random run in interference....IM 🤬 AND DISAPPOINTED AS A FAN.

    When the end of a fued has a red hot heel losing easily to a babyface with nothing to lose....IM 🤬 AND DISAPPOINTED AS A FAN .

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    All I want to see is athletes give they all in the ring fight till u cant fight no more.
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    it depends, a dq ending to a great match still 🤬 me off every once in a while

    but say for example the last cena/owens match i aint think cena should win but the great match covered up for that, i was more 🤬 at that 🤬 ass springboard stunner as a setup