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Rate the wrestler "Adrian Neville"

genocidecutter Members Posts: 17,825 ✭✭✭✭✭

Mic Skills:
In Ring Ability:


  • Already Home_17
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    mic skills: 7
    in ring ability: 8
    charisma: 6

    I'll never forget his exchange with Tyler Breeze at NXT

    TB: the director of the hobbit called. he needs you back on the set

    AN: it's funny you say that because I just recieved a snapchat from your mom. turns out you're not the only one in your family who likes to take selfies

    he fumbles over his words sometimes but he's decent on the mic and gets his point across. not much charisma but he's great in the ring
    I hope they do something with him soon before he fades into obscurity
  • KillaCham
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    Really? I think he has more charisma than mic skills. And his in-ring work is amazing, especially for a dude his size. Strength & speed.

    Mic Skills: 6
    In-Ring Ability: 8.5
    Charisma: 7
  • BangEm_Bart
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    M: 6
    IR A: 9.5
    C: 7.5

    The mighty mouse gimmick has gotta go though. He matches up in strength and speed like the rest of them. He has strength close to Tazz level and speed faster than Rey or any luchador.
  • TonyDubbz
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    We wont hear much from him on the mic but he makes up for it with his in ring performance.

    The way he be hitting Germans on some of those bigger dudes is impressive. I like the way he grabbed Owens from OFF the canvas on RAW and suplexed his ass back on the canvas, that 🤬 was impressive. I think that 🤬 like that gone get him a lot of recognition, thats why WWE wanted to do that whole mighty mouse gimmick at first, it make sense.

    I see him having some midcard title reigns and maybe getting a main event push in a couple years, but I dont think he'll ever win the big one

    & for some reason he reminds me of a less aggressive, high flying Chris Beniot