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"Public Service Announcement" to ALL Georgia posters and surrounding areas..

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Local authorities are asking people to be careful out there..

There has been reports of a serious "Serial 🤬 " on the loose in the Atlanta area..
So far we are positive that he's 🤬 on atleast one victim at a local theatre,
and it is reported that once the victim felt the "Drizzle" of 🤬 stream down his neck and shirt,
he exited his seat, ran out the movie theatre crying while screaming expletives..

Earlier reports state that the "Serial 🤬 " goes by the name of "Tip's Homeboy" aka "Ti's 🤬 friend Cap"..

The authorities encourage anyone who comes in contact with the "Serial 🤬 "
DO NOT try to apprehend the suspect,
He's not armed but still considered dangerous, AND HE WILL 🤬 ON YOU..

Below is a photo of the alleged "Serial 🤬 "..

[img]http://i1.wp.com/www.brewrites.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/🤬 -on-you.gif?w=1080[/img]