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Happy 16th Birthday To The Sega Dreamcast

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It was to be Sega's last video game console, and although it was a financial failure, the Sega Dreamcast still has a passionate and devoted fanbase to this day.

After a series of failures with the Saturn, 32X and Sega CD, Sega launched into the 128-bit generation first with the Sega Dreamcast, which made its debut in North America on September 9th, 1999.

The game featured more advanced graphics than other current consoles of the day, and launched with popular franchises such as Sonic Adventure and Sega 2K Sports and would later feature new original games such as Crazy Taxi and Shenmue.

The game had support from many third parties, such as Capcom and Acclaim, but notably had no games from Electronic Arts.

Although it sold well to start, it began to face harsh competition from Sony's Playstation 2, which launched in 2000. Sega's finances began to falter, and the Sega Dreamcast was discontinued in 2001 in the US, and a year later overseas.

Sega would go to embrace a “platform agnostic” policy that would see them publishing for former rivals Nintendo, as well as Sony and Microsoft.

Despite its short life, the Dreamcast is well-regarded by many in the gaming community. It had a large library of Sega titles, including many arcade ports, as well as several installments in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Several Dreamcast titles were later re-released for other consoles, such as the Sonic Adventure series, Crazy Taxi and more.