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Styleistically quickly ending enimies positioning,

visabilly concocting perposterious cacus of symphony,

history in the making specifically of the patroit,
imatadend virtually completely but never imtimidated,

sorcercer time supportin the shine of the royalless grind,

moisten ya mind wind bind of the bosterious kind,


  • thephantasm
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    I got trap rap for fat cats
    got 🤬 breakin like bad backs
    jammin like black gats if 🤬 sleepin on me like nap sacks
    figured configured rap tracks could bring that relaxed back
    i leave the mic smokin like a snaps 🤬
    goosey with juiced raps
    menevurin through traps
    cruzin at altuitudes tom crews couldnt 🤬 at
    pruverian snack pack for chooseist rap acts
    proving my fact stats are cooler than black acks
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    I got barz like emcees should
    i spit like emcees would
    if emcees could
    your favorite rapper cant emcee good
    i get practice was crossing atlas
    mastered the hongamasterate
    wrapping it rapping it and rocking across the map with it
    specifically caught the craft with it
    honestly im a graduate
    bombing accurately as I stop the wackness with the lass of gobbled cabbage
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    Patience is a virture and practice makes perfect
    exacting practiced rapping verses stated abd exasporated perfectly,
    high on diction no addiction now youre listening
    watch as I freestyle to move e's like science fiction,
    strong as a bear hotter than hell lava would swell
    if I shot in the air and get it poppin lava would tell,
    Im at the table like a Thanksgiving turkey,
    Say goodnight, and peril like a thanks-giving turkey,
    You throw stones and miss, miss stone throw miss stone thrower
    You throw that many stones and you gon wind up with a cold shoulder,
    Potatoes and grits if that water boils over
    You think you cool but you never finished your homework,
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    Live rosta, impostas get tossed up sockem and drop em
    focus on the potent scopin out a 🤬 rosta
    conspire to spit n this as wild as it gets
    partna i'll part ya like goverment twins
    got ya 🤬 .calln me great
    i aint no young 🤬 but i never been 8
    face your fate at an amazing rate change ya face
    no haste i blaze u lay when grazed
    get husky and complain u still not in the game
    youd probably try to rob an arcade for the change
    game face on maraculaous decision
    im freen my bars while u rattin n the prison
    no respect shown no respect given
    dont respect Sho and ur ass gets delivered/
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    The face scraper, pape maker, ape shaver/
    Grave maker, tank taker, faint layer, gang slayer/
    Fate breaker, take your chance and leave you un caped/
    Put the medal to your face like you were leaving unshaved/
    Day breaker, cake ate, Grape Ape and the maker/
    His friend Oggie Dog and you still couldnt bake here/
    Everlasting rapping loads you up like elevators/
    That 🤬 u spit is bitter like yellow flavor/
    Beat you till you broke like a Kellog waiter/
    Cut you up and throw you away like colored paper/
    Joust and pounce on opposers, style is valid focused and seamed/
    Older regimes get toasted and discarded like holes in your jeans/
    Flowing with ease, the greatest with the rapping/
    U aint makin it hqppen/
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    Diamond cutter esosalabra faco take o habialavra make o save me bravada/
    gameie davda facseo dame en vata/
    gavemenadanna game change o gave me the product/
    flaveo tameeonada gameeohava dame game change breako dannada/
    fagco lakeo fabeolana/
    haveohaveeograngga halo hater of prada/
    dafeo dameoina/
    game changer of pradva, jace laced with a game of granada/
    kakeo denda, takeeo havein like conda/
    fake place date change and chain the ramada/
    face of the safe banging the offa/
    days of the lame state dane faneiofata/
  • thephantasm
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    Yo, this sum studio type stuff...,.

    Happy n the jag blastin the Mic Jagger/
    Steady as she goes command over the stallion/
    repitition for no foes reputation for no blows/
    Educated in the flow medicatin with the doe/
    Success rate at a hundered still countin my money/
    If i hop out of the buggy im still doin a 100/
    Capers and papers, still pullin the puffy/
    Got that fluient work, still can order a monkey/
    Damage these lil cat who still buck and swingin bats/
    We dump and then send em back jump from where they at/
    The ruckus is intact the ruckus is in tact/
    Cut the things like a brother was huslin thin tacks/
  • thephantasm
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    Gabbin the gat and launchin it at em/
    leavin 🤬 mismatched like a Haunnaka pattern/
    Callin it staggerern draw with the javelen raw in his abdomen/
    On to the bladder then rupture the pancrus skull and then shatter it/
    Bond with the chapel spits scaddattle 🤬 ratchet blastin for ratchet 🤬 /
    classic design on the trap we design then onto the battle grit/
    focused as ever potent and clever molded together/
    Open barettas over the cheddar you can barely hold it together/
    Revolving propleller dismembers opposers and those who chose not to remember/
    Boasting the victory potion quotent flowing until you know your surrender/
    Holes in ya sweater for rollin with members of closing offenders/
    Shots have you hoopin and hollering like Kobe at dinner/
  • SlimRemy
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    there was some dope compound rhyming going on.

    Callin it staggerern draw with the javelen raw in his abdomen/
    On to the bladder then rupture the pancrus skull and then shatter it/
    Bond with the chapel spits scaddattle 🤬 ratchet blastin for ratchet 🤬 /
    classic design on the trap we design then onto the battle grit/

    not whats said so much as how its being said.
  • thephantasm
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    Thanks for the note b.


    Dramatical grammer stabaticcal of stanza dancer panda downer of moistened encantment
    gradually focusing on the problems with the Santa
    Doused in cabanna foubtian of camera
    sounds of praranna pounding down the channel
    gripping the handle specifically angled
    anidoltole patrol with patrone and a sandwich,
  • thephantasm
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    Mathmatical stanza, dramatical dancer,
    grmaical cancel, mad hatter of answer,
    kicki bars out the stancea a mathmatical dancer,
    drama enhancer, prodical fancy, fancies logical fencer,
    dodging the answer robotic in plain stir,
    logical answer problem with handguns,
  • thephantasm
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    yokin the teck ballin like coaches n technicals
    decibals and decimals got 🤬 suggesting digesting unforgettables
    venom in mic got feedback with fangs electicuting
    the price sees that his excentcly is excituted
    hurdlin obsticles left by the revolution
    scene of the crime looked something like eveloution
    desolute isnt the best solution until the weapons extra jukin
    take your paper like you were a messy student
    felons dilute the flute to get the messages through to them
    depressed as an echos enthusiasm
    just when you thought your thought process was snoozin again
    im pumping out more juice then cougars in gyms,
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    Rabbit right, left to the stage, lept to the tournament
    Leapord sprint towards the establishment, conquering the dragon,
    first punch then pop spiking the gurney with intellegent tourment,
    gause and jaws broke sparking the jollyment,
    reign of rain leaping to rooftops Iron Monkey over looped shots
    Red Lotus in combat Monkey King in the sorcery,
    balmin and balling yawning sparring leaving targets sprawling,
    Lotus claw balking, tiger maul hawking, fire water gulping,
    Killing the crane with the system of game
    take legeslation and take a system of haze
    Asp fist punctures with quick brash rumbles
    Lazongie czar of cavalcaded rage bond gavel displayed.
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    Hashish burning, tuning the mic out
    composing what compository sketch artists write bout,
    fountian of youth decided my dry mouth
    🤬 , lit em up like propane douced in white out,
    hella proper, sharp as blades of helicopters,
    kicking that fat 🤬 around like wedding soccer,
    heavy copper, popping while u locking it down with every copper,
    sharp enough to spark it on 🤬 with greater than Nejis chakra,
    high potient 🤬 boasting the mariwana,
    you as broke and as yoked and as joked as a harry convict,
    floating around the ring like dragonflys in attack
    🤬 i wish you would like an itchy back,
    crushing the ice of misfourtinte rappers,
    open up a 🤬 till he wet like a cactus,
  • thephantasm
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    Gifted in tangereninum specifically grandgular gaining perdium/
    Biffy and gripping stanzas of ranged tantrum pelantrophy readings.../
  • thephantasm
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    hide ya hydroponics/
    comin through bouncin like hydrolics,
    hide ya wallet, im springing up like hiding hydrocolics,
    no hypolic, high whistle hit you like hydro faucet,
    mind ya pockets, its lookn like devices devised to mine ya 🤬 pit,
    higher brolic,
    mighy with might of pinesol carpet,
    cleaner and smellin like great places to hide the target,
    higher caucus, diver fallin or the driver hawkin
    i am shocking with rhymes the balling high and hard as Dolly Parton,
  • thephantasm
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    I keep weed, u aint in the smoke session, youll never suc seed,
    🤬 said they had class but as ass as bus p,
    youre not lucky, no better then to trust mcs,
    he got off they mic and barely survived, luckily,
    no reason to believe youre gonna dust me,
    your mic get cut like brush leaves, i take a right, see red and peel, you just leave,
    gutter as heck, seen me is like a trustee,
    youll be singing the blues and wont have the rest of the trust fee,
    i got bars for days, brother trust me,
    you look like the answer to 1+1+3,
    you aint hittin hard, no one that can cuss me,
    my dising out losses is like you going to college, but free,
  • emaculate
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  • thephantasm
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    Thothgth patterns not staggerin saging and braggin on baggin the baddest,
    capturinin the very essence of rappin in patterns,
    slather and lather letters tougher than leather fabrics,
    estatic causin static like the ears of a rabbit,
    exotic caustic cautionary tales of bales beyond magic,
    elaborate entrapment enstarement contraption,
    boss of the rap causing a smash of awkwardly rapping problematic part of a rapper,
    socking and laughing, flawessly popping the cannon with large shots rocketing at them,
    you partial and patterned, revolve around action
    tracks as lame as tanks driven blockin lanes bombing ib street interaction,
    reasonably so, reputed Raspuin caucus bastard
    armed with the irrationall ration shooter dumpin dupin all the bad mathers,
  • thephantasm
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    Liquid flowetry encripted scripted as written poetry
    lifting domes, mcs could never diagnose the potentcy
    glowing trees dont smoke but grow with me
    openening, and closing closed open openings
    hitting the flows doper than lit, flow is the biff
    hoping throwin down and tearing it up will give ya dome lift
    ferocious in fits ferociously fitting feriociousness to those it befits
    joking appropatly appropreates doe and the chips
    musically domeing those with the spit
    caroding hopefulls hopefully spitting inaproprate
  • thephantasm
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    Punctuating functionally, exceptionally adept with gumption, succum to these,
    guess work aint comeing like the model called off with pregnacy,
    functioning like lunch money, you spent all your bars on sandwiches
    meanwhile im in the cockpit of something that looks like a mannquein
    Punches like Manny while you lunchin Permanis sandwiches
    F u up so hard youll b praying to the sand witches
    harder then losing youre money to an abandned kid
    selling raps shooting craps and looking over a damaged rib
    saluting the principle of upper class kidding you not not kidding at all
    hopping the bar then knocking you off rapidly socking your jaw
    cautioned at all factionsll fall when i 🤬 a few stars
    happily spark like a fat girl who was drafted and tall
    jolting the sign when my name up in lights looking like sparkles when it flamed and lit up the night
    punching the best rappers worst rapper friend at the same time
    to let him know that it isnt easy being a ghostwriter
  • thephantasm
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    Frequently defeating thee frequency
    freakaly freeing dipmomacy
    speaking of owning the trogrophy
    mcing revealing the quotes of scheme
    potently open thee dopemine
    flowing like oceans with cocrery
    joveley hopelessly focusing poking thee pulpit with dopest free
    motion of cloning the jokery
    Boweing is zoning on locally
    lotus of mowing the open green
    hopefulls get smoked like the purple tree
    quoted as owning a loaded g, doming unusal croaked debris
    honing the blows to the most degree
    humble as loting over seed.
  • thephantasm
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    Spitting the 🤬 that have other rappers iffy/
    quickly rip these mcees till their lit and sticky/
    opposed rappers impose disaster and impose with me/
    goining in slowing motion for those who is flowing wit me/
    i discredit ya rap and shell your skeletons skeletal tact/
    jealous lil rats get blasted like the telly was flat/
    focused on the raft u diss im focused on your tact/
    potient with the rap, i dont know you/
    going to the class doper than the rap/
    zoning off a bag of closed colocuals/
    give you that city life and bang your pretty wife/
    realear than the cats that sell clothes to you/
    drifting off like race cars, zoning out like space bars/
    poient power case stark oil valley caked off/
    decided to rhyme it like motor rally skate karts/
    surrounding and flowndering, rolling on you like donor alley skate parks/
  • thephantasm
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    Faster than Chester Cheetah when it comes to eating,
    mcing careenings louder than Europeans screaming,
    defeating the schemeing with schemes from villianous regions,
    beating th defense with the reaches of heated speaches,
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