What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




  • thephantasm
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  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Ramzy the nicest, scaresly excited/
    bearly invited, nearly collided with whereabouts hided,
    Variable piplage, scariest writings, verily hypened,
    My bars maul and get ugly as animal stripage,
    gastly in mixes, thesbian letting shrapnel just miss him,
    if you won the votes its the chcanery edition,
    grabbing the mic and grappling pericise with rymers percision,
    have various itching like on the school bus next the kid with lice,
    inhaling the disses exhaling like mary perscriptions,
    letting go and dropping cats like pets scaring your children,
    varied in diction compariable to gifed, gripping your barrels of laughter and swabbing it down in the kitchen,
    heavy lifting get set betwitched you,
    fictional heavy hitter you, stop clowning aroud and take the lame excapade with you,
    responsable for the rockets, no pockets, youre broke im here to fix you,
    were talkin fists dude if i missed you,
  • thephantasm
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    I spit raw stuff that got bars tucked,
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Got the stock of the lock stock and barrel/
    Call shots like hop scotching cannibals/
    got pop like osh kosh in flannel/
    got props lot locked on the channel,
    i get it in i sink n swim im in the gym im fin ta win,
    i got rocked, not the annual, i got shots pop and animal,
    i got lots of places to be like a hot boxed manual,
    gettin grips sizzlin the end of your fingertips,
    siccior spits written wit syllibis is filled with grit,
    inconsiderite unwritten scrips, just to laugh at hypocrites,
    in the lit, gettin rich like idiots whove written scrips,
    falling down aint in the fixture, cooking up a lyrical mixture,
    gettin to the bread like the egg before the mixture,
    i'm always gonna win theres no point in spitisrure,
    eating up the licorice depicture and getting down to biz here,
    figure i'd relax and mac a lyrical gift here,
    you'll never get the gravity like pressure on this big sphere,
    if you wanna battle, manage to spit it quick here,
    greatness awaits this here like Christmas coming this year.,
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Resloution is met, quiet be kept.,
    Got a solution to set and some pollution at best,
    mind above all coming forward like Shaq
    going off like Durant East Coast got my back,
    flowing like faucets and you know I got them racks,
    going to forfet you are, im on, you the Yoda of rap,
    stacking the paper until the spending is spent,
    relentless on lryics until you run a prevent
    get it smackin like a temp, get it cracking like a temp,
    get it, thormometers, exempt, youre not as hot as you think,
    coming to guard me is not what you think,
    you couldnt drop me if I was Pink,
    Remembering your losses before you spit the ink,
    no subconcious fink, I rock it like a minx.,..
  • thephantasm
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    the best spitter, crest getter, yes written or unscripted,
    spittin 🤬 so hard you scarin all of the competition,
    put in position to rip it kick it and dismiss it,
    reppin weathered lyrics, baring down on opposition,
    fixing to get it thickened, mix then records spinin,
    i got more bars than baseball games have tricks and gimmicks,
    your fishy fishing gets met with the fists and hit so hard that my lyrics came up missin,
    description? It was glistening, lit it like percision
    dont bring that weak stuff in here like addiction,
    Ryming nicest diction, invited to the gifts n,
    i never wanna hear about what you flow orve written,
  • Cabana_Da_Don
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    We can do it like cowboys I shoot from the hip
    The best self defence is pass me the clip
    If he´s keyboard killah I´m swift with the shift
    I got them heavy bars that arnold can´t lift
    There´s brown on there lips
    from talking that 🤬
    I´m the type to tell jokes
    I clown on them nigs
    I put my paws on that 🤬
    Alpha 🤬 them pits
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Im dominant in spittin despite what you may think/
    Ive defeated more mc's than a conversation flick,
    Honesty, I thought it was obvious that you slipped,
    With emphases on the fact that you're probably not gonna win,
    I got a logical explination with the ryn,
    you gotta a problem gettin ate with the pen/
    i drop science like you aint give me credit/
    buy yourself bars with the debit then dead it,
    Rockin it, mostergalavious, prodomnitely the quip,
    you aint winnin, you aint gonna eat if it ain't fixed,
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I spit roaring an raging, torment and pian is paying towards torching and payment,
    glorious statement, warring with agents boring and blatent,
    i spit raw get the picture, lifted, stripped and scripted, repainted reframed, re labled and reiterated as the greatest,
    saga continues, what you eating is not on the menu,
    Use the force, not of the Ginyu, use you source, not of the ginsu,
    gotta be kiddin, always on top probably biddin,
    but you forgot to account for the time hes probably shittin,
    hit large with lyrics that piercing feelings silly lil idiots will feel it,
    🤬 the code of delivered and demonstrate the physics,
    get right deliver quivers like Howard in the building,
    fixin to hit the biffers like missing in the winter,
    you can't compete with a man who isnt a competeter,
    just gettin papar and graize in the path like spring and dinner,
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Nicer than you thought/
    Lively, and the likelyhood you got of winning has just got short/
    going to the bank with more money than most
    posted with the toast waiting to roast a supposed warrior
    give it to me you wont, but I dont have to take it
    eluding the bad and emerging from raps in the best form of the sacred
    coming towards me in anger I'll leave you twisted with bangers
    iffiest stranger gets lifted and payload goes quickly to major
    Focused and quality the flowing phlosiphy more potent than Socrates
    I'm garenteed to win like a vote for equality
    Knowing the option to roll with the option three
    Cause if I'm on the ones and two's, gimme the pin aint no stopping me
    not locked and stopped for these hot rawkus drops of shocking mcing
    but I got this rap stuff developed as a hockey team
    Demolishing tracks and cant stop the biffery
    The only wins you get in the art is my winning artist artillery/
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I drop science, hot vibrant pop clients with hot writings/
    Sock liars and drop fire like cops tryna try odd attire/
    Talk wilder in cats know you lying bout that cash flow
    got that doe wrapped so nice percise counters laugh glowing
    Write the tight flow right with nice type control
    griping like those like those like chefs in rice bowls
    havoc spits, droppin that wackness I aint havin it
    don't swing batter at this mastered faster pitch/
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I got bars for cats thinkin they can win in a rank/
    spittin the hot spits that will get in the bank
    robbin the track ridin on it for all of its change
    play with my quarters and its not a game
    i got it locked like i was carrying a cell phone
    that had pictures of my wife in a place
    no question I got you second guessing perfection with the spitting weapon you contest n get the frickin message fittied to you like Mitchell n Ness
    i got problematic mc's looking to stop causing static
    drive by with the mic, these automatic
    no reason to believe you drama havoc
    cause you rappin causin racket like Author Ashes
  • thephantasm
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    I got bars for rhythm spit with hot percision
    grown accustomed to never losing, the gifted/
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Speaking of the lightest, intwining might with mic deployment
    speaking the nike high kick rhyme ypur kinda distored
    aint got no money, getting deported
    Nightcrawler teleported punches get transported
    Exciting the listener with thousands of lyrical bars

  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    My rappin is happnen/
    smacking and gitnit crackin
    transaction and the words from tablet causes girls to cop the album
    facts is Im passion in rap track tact fashion
    lastin like a champion when crashin man crash in
    You panic when I spit or spat it brigga brak back lashin
    crafting chants like magic to enshrine the mic enchantment
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    When you start thinkin that you could ever get a win victory
    the blickery ya history miss mcs a mystery
    get it together or u gonna wind up missing teeth
    black your eye, youll go see the doc for your hickory
    yip yerre, stick twistin like its a history, lesson you get the message or I massage you with history
    spit sixteen, you couldnt know what you were missing b
    addition to your symphony is litterly ability
    crip and clean, no problem gettin the bars across
    I got the heart, while you blowin green like a christmas tree
    just for cheese, gettin it in with grippin team
    lit the speach, and now your mikes missing like Krispy Kreme
    get the beat spit the heat and lift weak mcs till the get the beats
    the stuff I spit is sick, in fact it's that of sickening
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    cats know i got fit and ferioucious flowin
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I got bars like nice windows you barred like not nice windows barred like night windows at night windows.
  • 1017Hustler
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  • thephantasm
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    Getting to the raps fluid happenings screw the rappers
    Shootin spastic dupin 🤬 with unusal upper classics.
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside/
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside//
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside///
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside////
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside/////
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside//////
    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside//////
  • thephantasm
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    I couldn't decide if I felt the math inside
    Rivaled rhymes, collide with idled minds colliding/
    Supremisis of geninious, invious,/
    Madder than Madden players without a genie stick/
    Bake the raps take the cash spray he caket take the pic-a-nic- basket dribbling within the the tablet/
    Action! I Snappin while snappin and spazzing on spazz wack rap captian dancing/
    Decide if you really want the punishment of the practice/
    Cause if you get canned it could get drastic/
    Branding the mic with c might devitious mix devious with the fragment/
    Can up the raps unless you want the back hand/
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Spittin the writes cryptic devine splittin ya mind
    Dribbling ice shifting the rind deliving rhymes with impressive schematics
    devoted to getting it smackin in the tab in the tablet
    focused on spatting the written: Korean Dragon
    mastered, plasted, these bars are amazing
    whipping the mess out of the artists whos less creative
    spatic whithin the elastic purchase bars in plastic
    imagine that I'm nicer than your parents
    cobblestone store with the broke wodden bookshelf
    sending emcees home in less than good heath
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    Coming to stunt, ready to get it popping in front
    Using the font that ready to front on any chump
    Never could see these ill rapping flows that had
    you out of your skull like a voting Ross Perot
    Never thirty, battling rapping for cats in the early
    Getting 🤬 ...I told you it was about to get ugly
    Straight crushin, Punish em like the Russians
    Mad that I get more spins than Coloumbus compass
    Get it smackin and let the Mike know what really clapped
    Casue if you ain't dope than I'm still not getting bagged//