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  • thephantasm
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    I spice rack with the rhyme sack
    im back with fly raps
    hit high notes and try quotes with high doe of combat
    flowing like mind lacking kind of folk couldn't poke or jab at
    doses of voltage from a rhyme tackling linebacker
    ripping like kyackers
    flippin like acrobatics
    spittin like flying dragons
    Eyeing up the rhyme pattern
    Blowing the flow up like I had packs in the high hat
    check the storve to see if the crust rised yet
  • thephantasm
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    Juiced off the specialty with accursed weaponry
  • thephantasm
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    Ramzy's bars are the nicest beisides the being besides the high and rightiuous/
    Incredible compared to incredouluous, spicy/
    Diffrencemaker in ythe written paper crisis
    Spittin blazer/
    Getting into dissing creative with the missing mind to/
    Psyicisist of pull, invocking the tool of encriped jewel/
    Pity the graphic of the novelist wrist pull/
    Nervious as battling me at the telepath/
    Nervous as taming a clawed cat/
    Breaking the stem with a a ball bat while you catching contact/
    Bars thatys army context for mini war tanks/
    That's the mic, that the the sight and that's the hike/
    Mastered bind, laughing as mist covers the vine/
    Dissing the rappers who've decided not to rhyme/
    Calling it quits as I tell these clowns to get off my line/
  • thephantasm
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    Unbearable width of umbarable lenth of parable wit
    Scareing the strength of arrogant pinned various spin
    daring again to brandish the chin of marriless win
    dare to be sent to parilous when animals hit
    logic of drama, decider of the montra
    vibrant and talking of taunting fighters in corners
    versus the universe of problems and purses
    your announcing your loss like announcers in versus
    Digital master channeling plans of magic
    dancer of practice stating between rubberbands and mattresses
    flagrant tact and plans of action
    Barreling down the ave of where and what happened/
  • thephantasm
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  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    My mic glisens inside of proprietor lenses
    get you fingers and numbers and digits off my mic like forensics
    diling up no way you could ever achieve this
    beating the mc protocol with great mic acrobatic achievement
    dicing the flow, slicing for home hyping the show
    micing the words, running the dome, lockinging down the wonderful prose
    going for first, leaving reason why you didn't win
    I bet you cats don't wanna go to school like assembly
    hyping it righteous spidering rightly highly unlikely
    that Id lose if youd didt ry to tally your own votes right after the battle
    driving the cyper blinding with power rhyming the sour
    Binding the devices of greatness and mind over matter/
  • thephantasm
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    Wether supreme condescending scheme and schematics contradict rapping atlas/
    Battled on the tablet like proportionate corex gasses/
    Dismembaring the remembered in order in order to restore peace to the masses/
    Compared to mine your mic is glasses/
    destract wits with crafted mass quips/
    Dractiac actions in practice like watch your balances after taxes/
    You gon take a loss, remember you sould spit here/
    Ghostwrote your whole track rap rode on and repoed your John Deer/
    Evident by the fact that my mic is glistening/
    Either you're femine or my type is listeneing/
    Blitzing like winning sprints whistling past finish lines spit dissing/
    Sizzing, sindeing ending lifts to finish authours of dimisished hymns/
    Prying into the sequel of you buying into the people/
    Try to lead through the prequel - you lose, "Piriacy is Illegal"/
  • thephantasm
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    Catch contact as I exstract wack rap from arm combat/
    Success rate is based in weither or not you're raw fact/
    Black Stallion sentipede attacking in shallow cavern/
    Battling is the passion of the swordsman dringing lavish/
    Dazzled by fact of matter madder than that of rapper's/
    no reason to believe that you fly a better pattern/
    Basically what you believe is that you can achieve/
    Quicken the books wrestle better at every meet/
    The gangs all here in back, the 🤬 still in the raps/
    I hand with illy raps like hang gang venom packs/
    On with the laundry if you think your raps 🤬 /
    Get smacked shirtless, lookin like half past 30/
  • thephantasm
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    Supernatural spitting unestablished writtens leaving mcs missing like a kittens mittens/
    Unrivaled spittings, leave mics twithching, have you seeing notes like a flower at the Michilen/
    Grabbing some potent barring and going to provoke the hottest/
    While you laying in the grass waiting for it to happen like Pochahantas/
    Dissassemble the graoph and add the subtractor/
    Factor don't add to, and we'll see who's wacker/
    I'll have you not want the mic like the themonitor at the doctor/
    Gasses leaving you juiced for with no batter clause/
    Smoshing your apple until you realize your flow aint apple sauced/
    Ghastly with lyrics gashing ya spirit you ghostwriter is having to hear it/
    Black Panther capturing rare fang the the path of the clearing/
    Doubtful if you think you can defeat the ice man/
    Dismeber the mic memorys min minuscule mint condntion minting deliviered printing press/
  • thephantasm
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    Coming to cut it, disscuss and debuke in the rugged
    Nothig you can spit can bring the mic justice
    Repungnint, breath left tasting discusting
    I'm in ya house cousin like Walt Disneys mouse budget
    Parachuting on to the stage with and camera and a rage
    Debuing the same action of actual rap in the country
    Doubtful you can stop the rapping music phlisopher
    Using type of lyrical for nothing other than punking
    Violin note the way you get strung along
    Wake up and realize no ones singing your ugly song
    Dissing spitters who quote cant flow and adjust well
    The choice is easy leave the mic and give us plus sales/
  • thephantasm
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    Decided to spit high as it gets,
  • thephantasm
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    I was going Boweing flowing harder than a slam Sin Cara
    Basketballer baller and I hold the title like a mobster
    gonna call her sour problem that she couldn't get the aura
    Notta one of ya want the funk and you aint gonna stop it
  • thephantasm
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    Im battling nice without out being dissed or taking loss//
    We aint on the court but crossing over has more than an ankle cost//
  • thephantasm
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    With ur wack spits u have 2 give back 2 kids at practice
    U not the reason we listenn to music like dancers
    Gimmick enhancement ment to sham with dank wits
    Couldn’t match the jab pinch on tracks madder than kiss practice of catus
    Rare form, dare urs to prepare a response
    Animels coulnt smell me unless you led past trap form
    Dissing easily biffing greasliy spitting leasurly
    Intermaedite mcing coulnd’t land you a victory just in the media
    Decicive in winning liking the spinning of rhyme coax and condensing
    I'll put the bo to you like abdominal muscles flinching/
  • thephantasm
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    Dancing with enchanting wits
    Sampled with dancers spirit
    Case of pepsi and alike you cant handle this twist
    No reason to believe u iller than what you can stand to spit
    My money drop on ya nose like crane kicks
    Panic and change diss you know when I’m aiming for ya
    I 🤬 with out the portajon or some would call a porta 🤬
    Toiting large shotty, match wits with that spitter half with data ripper don’t get ya ass kicked
    You a broad, I’m at ya neck like matching lipstick
    I smoke the mic you flow missing a big pinch
    I roast the heights, your dome splitting like rich hicks
    As I point the iron untencil and flash like vitamin and minerals
    In the pan as you try to get back what you lost in the subliminial
    Bubble rap gets chew as the raps ensues
    Pack it away and let my track improve/
  • thephantasm
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    Dissing the best with the pen to put you to rest
    Let the words rip ya flesh and dig in ya chest
    Put you to rest weith the illest rap frees
    Doubt in your mic relationship you were ever beating me
    Sizzle the chords with sizzling chords and et the mixc lesson sit on ya gourd
    They give me medals after clapping, don’t try to pick up where I left off
    Didn’t they tell you not to run with sissiors before?
    You on a biting listening tour
    Cut to ribbons for scores
    I’m n postion to score
    I detect your loss, I’ll have you missing your words
    Don’t gable with the gambler, or scramble with the scrablers
    I drop hammers of fans that don’t dance in the jam
    Ran with a plan, you bet not spit the wackness
    I’ll have you lose your spark like camoflouge matches/
  • thephantasm
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    Had BIG technical diffaculties. This is my champion ish.

    Decicive in winnnin wits ryhmiiing in gimmicless timing spits
    Trying to get it lit as heinikin spinning tips
    Leaving you loaded as I’m I spitting being of foucs
    Attack like the Lotus and leave you unquoted as a ravens home’s ripped
    Potent in the chewery as I spew to dopest as the true emcee
    My mic moved you, you’re not even close to me
    My raps tear limbs with the wins in the action pulpit
    While you coming up short like swords in the focus mits
    You winning? That would be inappropriate
    Put the mic pipe don you might have a smokers fit
    Try my rhyme and it’s over with
    Nope on your spits, biting writing with an oatmeal cloning kit
    You couldn’t be me if we were playing a game of tag
    Your rap style been went out of style like baking bags/
  • thephantasm
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    Digital quotes potent in every dose
    Focused on opening show until the close
    Ferocious when close, no way you could bombard me
    You beating me – you have a better chance of harming armies
    Old fogie, don’t you ever try to quote me
    I eat when the mic gets heated like perogies
    You’re not monsterious, I’ll leave your face mysterious
    We ain’t hearing ya, let alone anyone fearing ya
    You get close and we’ll have to roast ya interior
    U’ll be out of the closet when you’re out of material
    Specifically the illest MC in the area
    I drop you and fold you like cuffs that are flannel
  • thephantasm
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    Unquestionable, flow veteran intellectual
    While you're questionable, and at best non professional
    Battle text to you you cant stand the methods duke
    Get off your high horse or out your high chair n get chewed like vegetables
    I'm plowing the Mic rain sleet snow or whatever
    U rapping our a notebook is like tryin to put extortion together
    War with whoever get it severed cause u ain't better
    I keep my raps tight and shining like a leather
    Helpless is your bars together with your non talent having self
    Get dropped like medicine 🤬
    You're not wifey, I don't want your standpoint
    Go to your show and ask what they're in the stands for
    Did lose in battle get the picture like cam cord
    Try to get big and get shot up like steroids/
  • thephantasm
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    Dapper in text rappers r texted I attack chest
    Leave you a mess if u don't get the message I'm the best
    I take the victory you can have the long rest
    The taste of flesh
    Your bars are something I don't profess
    Not something I'd like to caress
    When you spit I could care less
    I'm ball in and you hairless
    Scarecriws ware death couldn't install fear in the heart of the microphones phearless
    Smearless winterfreah winner in various context
    My bars be spinning like boot wearing log heads
    Frogless ain't no jump in going on here
    Unless it's getting you off the Mic u get jumped like a frogs legs
  • thephantasm
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    I was always a dapper man aiming at rapping scans
    Rappin cams and not down with your rapping scams
    Schemes is rich even diva bricks wanna treat the kid
    While you dress bunny like bettlejuice did
    Evil lil spit spitting classic at a fevoriors pitch
    Leave em dismisses like summery offense teachers in guist
    Speakers heated ceasing lyrics like beavers is bliss
    Eating like sandwiches flipping like the handles split
    Dissing dismantling sizzling to frail the missing comparison
    I aim to win in the battle like management and cameramen
    Tantrums embarrassing when dangling slandering
    While my flows hot its on obvious you're a no not
    Attack the metal Mic with a steady rhyme
    When flows roll from the note book
  • thephantasm
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    Carving the pumkin of allivating bumkins
    of thug wins nobody wants to spit it when the gum bends
    stop fronting, my bars'll massacre ya
    Fathered as I spit hotter then path to Florida
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    As I begin the prosing while you r only equipt for posing
    Spitting poems when the hotness is equipt to flow like locomotion
    delve into the victory with hidden rhyme symmetry
    Assembling hitting harder making passes like a quarterbacks hidden screen
    Dissing teams with less psyical mysteries
    Listen fiend, my raps attractive like misses teen
  • thephantasm
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    As I summon the position of a microphone magician
  • thephantasm
    thephantasm Members Posts: 565 ✭✭✭
    I spit raw, launch on you and you get tossed/
    Spit bars and rip hard like surfers wearing thin drawls/
    The skins soft, so why is you tryna compare/
    Parole, take my time out and I'm high in the chair/
    position the mic so it's written incite/
    twisting the mic until its rappers delight/
    Frozen when biting like popcicle/
    Closing when sick like hospitals/
    Flowing to spit like bosses do/
    Showing the hits like mobster dudes/
    go in your spits with theromoeters
    they're dripping dissolving when I put the heat to them unthaling them/
    Keystyle so powerful Windows started installing it/