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Female Curves Dude, Posts It On Instagram. Lil Duval Responds

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How to curve a ninja lol #vegas #lasVegas #HardRock #rehab

lilduvalsome Women are STUPID!!!! I saw this girl post a video of her proudly curving dudes in Vegas (not garbage dudes either) but if u go down her feed she begging for a "bae" every other post. If a man can't approach you how else is he suppose to hola?

[email protected] get the whole story first playa!! And yes I post sh*t about being in a relationship and funny memes that means nothing. We all post sh*t that's funny but doesn't mean I'm lonely!! Lol far from it!! Tell me why u so mad tho?!!!! @lilduval and let's make this clear I never begged for a "bae" so fu*k outta here u and your nut as followers.. U get my attention by approaching me respectfully not just rolling up on me putting your 🤬 on my ass ✌��️✌�� u making an ass out of yourself @lilduval