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Super Mario Maker Discussion/ Level Sharing thread!

brown321brown321 Members Posts: 1,439 ✭✭✭✭✭

For the 30th Anniversary of The Legendary Super Mario Bros. Nintendo released Super Mario Maker.
A level creator that anyone can use.

Grabbed it friday & it's pretty damn fun, outside of a few troll levels.

Post cool 🤬 you made, or stuff you found on the net.

My First 3 Levels.

Kinda easy I'd say.

Hurry! Grab the Heat! (1256-0000-0028-D57E)

Stop Throwing ****! (DF29-0000-002F-8220)

Hardheaded lil boy! (5CF5-0000-003A-56ED)

Cool Zelda like level Gamexplain showed off.

Oh yea It's in Smash Bros too:


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