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Sony announces King of Fighters XIV for 2016

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Sony has officially announced King of Fighters XIV during their presentation at Tokyo Game Show.

Seeing as only a teaser was shown, there wasn't a whole lot we could gather about the game, but we do see that the latest KOF will feature Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, and that it has adopted fully three-dimensional models.

This is a major departure from traditional KOF sprite-based models. It will be interesting to see how fans of the series react to such a change. Seeing as this is the first we've seen of the game, we keep in mind that the final product will likely be somewhat different from what we see here.

King of Fighters XIV is expected to release in Japan sometime in January of next year.

You can see a few shots from the trailer below:


  • HundredEyes
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    looking more forward to this than sf 5, its 3d, if they balance the side step well(ala rival schools/project justice or even mk deception/scV)

    I know many would rather have a 2d fighter, but I done played all the goat 2d fighters on DC, a well executed 3d fighter is the next level snk 🤬 ...been waiting for a good 3d sf or kof ever since the DC era lol

    hopefully da gods Rugal and Geese howard are in this 🤬 ...
  • Beta
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    edited September 2015
    I do wish it was 2D honestly but it's funny last week I looked for SNK games upcoming and on the psn store to no avail

    I need to see more but as of right now I'm coppin

    I hope this does well though. SNK playmore needs to get back in the game
  • Beta
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    This looks aesthetically bad as far as the animation and models BUT even if this game is bad, atleast they are making games again and not just pachinko machines. This bad game can lay the groundwork down for a good one in '17
  • The Lonious Monk
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    Looks terrible. I just want a good and new Samurai Showdown or Last Blade.
  • Bcotton5
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    I dont think the finished animation will look like that
  • genocidecutter
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    We in this
  • Fosheezy
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    Yea that animation ain't rough at all