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GLORY inspired by neptunes

yahwehprofet Members Posts: 976 ✭✭✭✭
Dedicated to the one and only
Name most famous
Saved if you proclaim it
HE BEcame one 4 all
ALL IS ONE NO end to his eternal love
Love that's there
People leave don't care

The prince of the air... So feared
Got Isiah quotables that you'll remember forever
Now that's glory
Stories these Principalities
Living in , penned vividly
They pay homage if their honest
But secrets causes side steps
The truth took all your debts
Sweetest name believe he came
Left all his glory

Testimonies of lost souls
Brought in adopted as his own
Chapters of the book
Names written in free admission
Best decision, death life only prisons
Why wouldn't a life want all of Christs GLORY
Came down took it, sin
Perfect and we viewed him as the worst things we could ever feel
that's so real
Trials and tribulations he knows them well
Saw the day lucifer fell
And I don't need to go into LUCIFERS tale
Ezequiel tells
Mighty men which were of old
All were wrote and crafted
All their actions are reenactments
Encore ovation wheres da clapping
Take any word in his word
in the atmosphere, I dare
Ask the ones under the sun
The watchers among many others
Who cast them down
And what the glory was
now a distant story from 🤬 to us
Sad to imagine, but it all fits in
Revelations 4 11,,, heaven
Is and still is our only destination
I'm ashamed I've lost most of my humanity
I've lost all but still got the only thing
The holy king in my soul
Signed and sealed by the spirit
Hate to say it glad to hear it
Glory glory glory glory
The mystery of which I speak
Was hid from generations, we can believe
But the ancients were before
gods unwritten pages
Men tried and strived
Died,, to Abide not realizing we didn't have it inside
Christ life..... Solved mansproblem
Christ in you the hope of glory
Gods solution to this world pollution
Ask an angel,,, they'll tell you
They too desire to look in
And they've looked in the face of glory
And salvation amazes them
So when I'm faced with worry
I remember the promise
Of glory glory, he's pure glory
If I were to hold my peace
The stones would cry out, im out