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Get Back Inc. (Act 3: Part 1)

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*Motorcycle pulls up to hotel building*

*camera pans up to reveal the driver*

Roy: Well. Moment of truth. You can do this Roy. You can do this.

*motorcycle turns off*

(Setting changes to inside hotel room)

Hayami: Nn, it's so tight. Your 🤬 are pulling me in.

Sounds of heavy breathing

Kyouka: I can feel it going in. It's so deep it's kissing my 🤬 .

Hinako: Me too Hayami. I want some too.

Sounds of passionate thrusting

Kyouka/ Hinako: Ahh I'm gonna 🤬 !

Hayami: I'm 🤬 !

(Outside of hotel door)

*Puts on thermal goggles*

Roy: Looks like they're having a mighty good time.

*pulls out tools and begins to hack into door's computer*

Roy: A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

*door opens*

Roy: Voila! Magic

*Roy quietly walks into hotel room*

Roy: Damn! So this is what having an affair with the wives of rich dudes looks like.

yells, screams, and moans of sex in the background

*Roy quietly walks to door of bedroom*

Roy: Wow, now this looks fun. I'd hate to break it up...but that's what I'm gonna do anyways.

*Quietly slides bedroom door, walks in, and stands at door*

Hayami: Ahh, I can't stop. It's like my hips are moving themselves.

Kyouka: Give it to us.

Hinako: Give us your hot 🤬 !

Hayami: Ahh!

Roy: Pfft

*All three look back*

Hayami, Kyouka, Hinako: Ahhhh!!

Hayami: Who are you?

Roy: Huh? Oh no, don't let me stop you from getting that nut. I'm no one. Go-go ahead. I'm enjoying this... truly.

Hinako: Get out of here!

Roy: I would, but I've been hired to do a job, and I intend to do it.

Kyouka: Hired? Hired to do what? 🤬 us?

Roy: Oh no, nothing as dramatic as that.

*opens wrist computer and materializes a small stack of paper*

Roy: Listen here ladies. My name is Roy Carter. I am the owner, and leader of a specialist retrieval unit. You may have heard of them. Get Back Inc. Anyways, I've been hired by your husbands Gene Asari and Samuel Krios to follow you in order to prove or absolve them of their suspicions. As it turns out, because I'm standing here with you both ass naked with 🤬 in and around you, their suspicions have proven to be true. In the event of this outcome I have strict orders to deliver these "Expedited Divorce" papers to you and get you to sign them. As you will read they have both given you an extremely generous amount of what I like to call "Go away" money and you will be able to live somewhat comfortably...just not on Mister Krios or Asari's dime. I'll give you both a minute to think about it, get the sperm out of your baby holes, come to terms with it, sign the papers, and then give it back so we all can go on with our lives.

Hayami, Kyouka, and Hinako with a look of shock

Roy: I'll be in the other room.I hope you make the right decision. Damn did you have them stacked up like a sandwich? That's crazy. Only see that in the movies.

*Roy leaves room and goes into the kitchen*

*opens door to refrigerator and looks in*

Roy: Million dollar hotel room and nothing to eat in this thing. Got some beer though

*sits down on couch, turns on television, and drinks beer*

TV broadcaster: Welcome back to NBA on ESPN where the Knicks are down by 40 in the 1st quarter.

Roy: Man the Knicks suck this year.