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Get Back Inc. (Act 3: Part 2)

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*bedroom door opens and Kyouka, Hinako, and Hayami emerge*

*Roy takes gun out and puts it on the table next to him*

*Roys turns head around*

Roy: Oh hey, there you go. I'll be taking those papers and be on my way.

Hinako: We're not signing these.

Kyouka: Who does my husband think he is giving me these papers? How dare he send someone to stalk me?

Hinako: I don't care who the hell you think you are, but you need to get out of here and tell my husband that I'm not signing these papers and there's nothing he can do about it.

Roy: Look ladies. You cheated, got caught, end of story. Sign the papers and go on having relations with this dude.

Hayami: 🤬 you man! Get the hell out of here.

Roy: Woah! Language.

Hayami: No I mean it. Get the 🤬 out of here before I...before I...

*Hayami looks at gun on table and swipes it quickly*

Hayami: Get the 🤬 out of here before I blow your ass away!

Roy: Woah buddy! Let's all calm down.

Hayami: I swear to 🤬 I will shoot you!

*Roy begins slowly walking towards Hayami*

Roy: You don't want to do that.

Hayami: Like hell I don't! Stop moving closer! Stay the 🤬 back or I'll shoot you in the 🤬 head!

Kyouka: Shoot him!

Hinako: Shoot him Hayami!

Roy: Don't listen to them bruh. You REALLY do not want to pull that trigger.

Hayami: Stop 🤬 moving closer!

*pulls trigger multiple times*

*gun doesn't fire*

Computer voice: Bio-recognition scan does not match Roy Carter. Firearm theft prevention protocol: 1

*spikes reach out from gun handle splitting Hayami's hand before cutting it off*


(blood splatters across Hayami's body and Kyouka and Hinako's faces*


*Roy punches Hayami*

Roy: In the year 7022 congress passes law that states all firearms come equipped with a bio-recognition scanner to make criminal investigations easier, prevent theft from legal friearm owners
and to cut back on the amount of illegal firearms that litter the streets of inner cities across the country.

*Hinako and Kyouka look on in shock*

Roy: Now do you want to sign?

*both Hinako and Kyouka rush to sign*

(slow-motion shot of Roy walking out of the hotel room, putting on sunglasses, and starting motorcycle)

Roy: *sigh* I love my job.

(Setting changes back to Get Back Inc. headquarters)

*Roy walks through the door*

Manny: Oh hey it's our fearless leader back from cutting a puta's hand off.

Roy: Good thing these suits don't stain because that blood would have been hard to get out of in the wash.

TJ: Roy, we got a video message from Krios and Asari.

Computer voice: Video message: Play

Gene Asari: Hey! We've just got the good news of your success. As you can see Sam is back there lost amongst the sea of women, but if he was here he would thank you himself. Anyways, thank you for helping both of us close this chapter of our life and begin a new one free of the chains of marriage and even more 🤬 and 🤬 . Well, the money has been transferred to your account and we also added a little something. Oh, and if you guys are ever free from shooting people in the face and working for a living like we don't have to...come on down and get some of the finer things in life. Alright thank you Get Back Inc. Love you guys! WOOOOOOOO. Now who wants to play jammed in the teleport tube?

Computer voice: Message end

Manny: Sabs que? I wish I could be stinkin rich like that.

TJ: And what would you do? Make it tsunami at the strip club?

Manny: Hey, those mamacitas work hard for the pesos. Who am I to not give help?

Roy: You two are something else. Imma go on head' and close shop. See you two in the morning.

Manny: Alright boss, catch you manana

TJ: Later Roy.

Roy: See ya.

(Montage of Roy ending his night and getting into bed)

Roy's voice: So yea. That's who I am. This is what I do when I get up in the morning.My name is Roy Carter. I'm 26 years of age and I run a retrieval unit company called Get Back Inc. As our name implies, we're her to "get back" whatever for you. Whether that be a person, place, thing, or if you want to "get back" at someone. The job's very hard, and you gotta be a special type of bad ass to handle it.

*Roll credits*