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Wolfenstein: The New Order Sequel Accidentally Revealed By The Actress Portraying Anya Oli

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The actress who voiced Anya in Wolfenstein: The New Order revealed the development of the next Wolfenstein game. The New Order sequel is going to be released no sooner than 2017.
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It seems that Wolfenstein 2 (or whatever the next game’s title is going to be) is a thing. A Polish actress, Alicja Bachleda-Curus – the voice of Anya Oliwa from Wolfenstein: The New Order – revealed she is engaged in works on a sequel to a video game she already starred in – it happens that the only game she was involved in is Wolfensten: The New Order.
She also mentiones that as a child she played early installments of the series and especially enjoyed “the moment when she could shoot 🤬 ”. Here is a fragment of the interview for TVN (originally in Polish):

TVN: Apart from the movie, on set of which we are now, are there any professional challenges waiting ahead of you?

Alicja: Yes, I’m still working on a computer game; I already did the first part, now we’re working on the second one, and it will take roughly two years.

TVN: You’re obviously doing it in the US?

Alicja: Yes, we’re doing it in the US.

According to the actress, the development process will take two more years, so we can expect Wolfenstein 2 no sooner than late 2017. At the time there is no official information about the game.