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The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread



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    kacee139 wrote: »
    Rumors getting out of hand

    LA 🤬 hate lebrons guts because of Kobe he knows that
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    This 🤬 Klay really was wearing shoes that said "Back to Back" on the during the games? This Finals showed a real arrogant side of the Warriors. I mean they were popping 🤬 all season, but this Finals seemed to be peak 🤬 Wariors

    Its called confidence. Get u some.

    take it from a conceited 🤬 ..

    that was pure arrogance. lol
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    Miami winning it next year with the addition of Durant

    No, they're not. Who's 🤬 ' with the Dubs? Like Keith Sweat said in that song, "Nobody." My beloved, much maligned Warriors have gone from being the 🤬 of the Association are now the greatest team in the history if the NBA. Rex is calling it right now, the Warriors are going to 3Peat. Gentlemen, you're witnessing the genesis of a dynasty.

    This is 🤬 🤬 and 🤬 women like to do, bring up old 🤬 . Dude had to go back thirty-five pages to find this this at that.. The Golden State Warriors 2015-2016 season is in the past, so why not leave it there?
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