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Create Your Own Label: Yung$ vs IcebergTaylor (Round 2)

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ROSTER: Drake \\ Outkast \\ The Roots \\ Curren$y \\ Dej Loaf \\ Damian Marley \\ Rotimi \\ Cool n Dre \\ Mike Zombie \\ Rico Ritchie


Damian Marley - Gongzilla
🤬 by Sly & Robbie & Stephen Marley


1. Gongzilla
2. Me Name Jr Gong
3. Gun Man World ft Spragga Benz & Bounty Killer
4. Something 4 You
5. Catch A Fire Ft Stephen Marley
6. Pimpa's Paradise
7. TroubleMaker
8. The Master Return
9. Foundation ft The Roots
10. Born to be Wild ft Outkast
11. Confrontation
12. Rasta Walk ft Sizzla & Capleton

Outkast & Flying Lotus - Forever Universal Soul Love Power


1. Intro [Flying Lotus psychedelic Orchestra guitar solo]
2. Timely 🤬 . Flying Lotus
3. Funk Ceremony 🤬 . Flying Lotus
4. Artful Air 🤬 . Flying Lotus
5. Search for Forever ft. Big KRIT & Erykah Badu 🤬 . Flying Lotus
6. Serena's Song ft. Jill Scott 🤬 . Flying Lotus
7. Turquoises 🤬 . Flying Lotus & Tae Beast of Digi+Phonics
8. Letta To The Bella Interlude [Andre 3000 Spoken word poem]
9. Supernova Explosion 🤬 . Black Milk
10. Dear Atlantis 🤬 . Flying Lotus
11. Ice Crystals ft. Killer Mike 🤬 . Terrace Martin
12. Love Is Only The Beginning ft. Daft Punk 🤬 . Daft Punk
13. Velvet Cake 🤬 . Flying Lotus
14. Sasha Thumpa (The Funeral) 🤬 . Terrace Martin
15. Rearview Mirror ft. Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica & Lupe Fiasco 🤬 . DJ Toomp & Flying Lotus
16. Drive-By Symphony 🤬 . Flying Lotus
17. Dance of Wolves ft. Captain Murphy & Maxwell 🤬 . Flying Lotus
18. Memory Lane 🤬 . Flying Lotus
19. Ghetto Baby 🤬 . Flying Lotus
20. All Ahead ft. Captain Murphy 🤬 . Flying Lotus
21. Moonqueen 🤬 . Flying Lotus
22. OnTheWayToMyCaddy (outro) 🤬 . Flying Lotus & Quincy Jones

(Captain Murphy is Flying Lotus' rap alter ego/alias)

Drake - Do Right & 🤬 Everything


Producers Bo-1da, Mike Zombie, T-Minus & Nineteen85

1. Do Right & 🤬 Everything
2. Astronaut Flow ft Eminem 🤬 by Eminem
3. OVO's Finest/Drakefest ft ILOVEMAKONNEN and Partynextdoor
4. Talk to Her ft Rotimi & Dej Loaf
5. Dome Ethics 🤬 by PARTYNEXTDOOR
6. Bigger & Badder (Sample LL cool J Im Bad)
7. Killa Cam Flow (Sample Killa Cam Chorus/beat slightly sped up)
8. They Got So Much Things to Say (Lauryn Hall Say Sample)
9. Moon Walking
10. Side 🤬 ft Rico Richie & Curren$y

Drake - 6ix 🤬


Producers Bo-1da, Mike Zombie, T-Minus & Nineteen85

1. 6ix 🤬 Intro
2. Wake Up/Slapbox
3. 6 Million Ways 2 Die (chorus 6million ways 2 die choose 1 sample)
4. Eternal
5. Top 5 DOA
6. The Warm Up/ Time's Up
7. Freestyle Battle - (Drake battling himself)
8. Pound 4 Pound
9. Jumpman/Mercedes Pullman
10. No Problems
11. Ear Orgasm ft Jay Electronica & Andre 3000
12. 6ix 🤬 Outro

Curren$y - Mind Condition


Producers: Monsta Beats,Cool N Dre, Jake One

1. $ Value ft School Boy Q & Jay Rock
2. Cooking Soul
3. Walking Home 🤬 by Big Chop
4. Bernie's Alive ft Jay Electronica 🤬 by Ski Beatz
5. Flight School ft Drake
6. Screen Protector ft Tech-Nine
7. Audio Dope
8. Green Room ft Jadakiss & Joe Budden
9. Jet Lyphe
10. Green Horizon ft Riff Raff & Wiz Khalifa
11. Spanish Harlem ft CamRon
12. Final Credits

The Roots - Your Brain Grows Flowers & Then You Blow Your Mind


🤬 by ?Love, Black Thought & Richard Nichols

1. Brain Food ft Andre 3000 & Kendrick Lamar
2. Tourist in Our Own Home
3. Reward N Recognition
4. Midnight Escape ft Mos Def & Talib Kweli
5. 6. Rich & Poor ft Erykah Badu & JadaKiss
7. Uprising ft Damian Marley
8. Walking Dead
9. Wednesday Night ft Raheem Devaughn
10. Africa Unite ft K'naan (sample Bob Marley "Africa Unite" voiced by Damian Marley)
11. Question everything ft Scarface

Outkast - Final Act


🤬 by Organized Noise & Earth Tones III

1. Da Art of Story Telling III ft Sleepy Brown & Slick Rick
2. Andre's Interlude
3. Big Boi Stance
4. Dungeon Family 4 Lyfe ft Dungeon Family
5. Voice of the South ft Killer Mike, Big Krit & Ludacris
6. Georgia ft Goodie Mobb(Ray Charles sample)
7. Freak Muzique ft George Clinton
8. Outkasts ft Jidenna & Jonell Monae
9. ET Returns
10. Clean Shaved & Perm'd Up
11. Pass the Rock ft Kendrick Lamar
12. Close Curtain

Dej Loaf - Butterfly Dreams


Executive Produce by DDS, Jake One & Cool N Dre

1. Eastside Dee-Triot
2. Butterfly Dreams
3. My name is Dej
4. Detriot Wayze ft Trick Trick & Eminem
5. I be Getting Money
6. Allergic 2 Broke
7. League of My Own
8. D-Real ft B-Real
9. We Run This ft Nicki Minaj & Eve
10. Playin Games ft The Game
11. D-Town Stomp ft Big Sean
12. Black Roses ft Drake & Rico Richie

Rotimi - Sinful Love: Head Vibrations


(Album Concept is that of a relationship)
1. Sextroduction 🤬 by Baby Face
2. My Name is .......Rotimi 🤬 by Rotimi
3. First Date ft Drake 🤬 by Cali The Producer
4. Last Night 🤬 by Rotimi
2. Sinful Love ft Drake 🤬 by Cali the Producer
3.Vibrations ft Ryan Leslise 🤬 by Ryan Leslie
4. The Break-Up ft TI 🤬 by Cool N Dre
5. One Last Time 🤬 by Cali the Producer
6. Oral Exams - ft Dej Loaf & Drake 🤬 by Bo-1da
7. I Wish we never left 🤬 by Mike Zombie
8. One More chance 🤬 by Cali the Producer
9. I'm better than him ft Chris Brown 🤬 by
10. At Your Door with Roses ft Heather Headley 🤬 by Rotimi


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    ROSTER: Puffy (And the Hitmen) \\ Jay Electronica \\ TI \\ Chris Brown \\ Meek Mill \\ John Legend \\ Flatbush Zombies \\ Jill Scott \\ DJ Dahi \\ DJ Toomp \\ Vic Mensa \\ Angel Haze \\ King Los \\ Ryan Leslie \\ The Lox \\ Hi-Tek


    Vic Mensa- Amen


    Intro (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    Pray (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    No Thrills (Ft. Lil Wayne) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Assata Says (Interlude)
    Valleys – 🤬 . by DJ Dahi
    Homecoming – 🤬 . by Dj Dahi
    Diary of A Mad KKKop – 🤬 . by Jay Electronica
    SNDCLSH in Chicago/GNSHW in Uganda (Ft. Common & Lupe Fiasco) 🤬 . by DJ Dahi & The Hitmen
    Angela (interlude)
    For Nina (🤬 . by Dj Dahi)
    The Mood (Ft. Kanye West) 🤬 . by Kanye West & DJ Dahi
    Lillies – 🤬 . by DJ Dahi

    T.I.- The Wire Trap


    American Hustle (Ft. Big Krit & Bun B) (🤬 . by DJ Toomp)
    Trap Season (🤬 . by DJ Toomp)
    Gold Chains (Ft. Ludacris) (🤬 . by DJ Dahi & DJ Toomp)
    Chevy Heavy (Ft. Future) (🤬 . by Dj Dahi)
    Royal Flush (🤬 . by Pharrell)
    Better den Me (🤬 by DJ Toomp
    Prayin for Help (Ft. Rick Ross & John Legend) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Barz & Bars (🤬 . by The Hitmen & DJ Toomp)
    The Pill (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Gone (Ft. Outkast) (🤬 . by DJ Toomp)

    Meek Mill-🤬 Forbid


    Mercy (🤬 . by Dj Dahi)
    Paperbondin (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    How U Want It (🤬 . by Araab Music)
    Roll With Me (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie & The Hitmen)
    Mitch (🤬 . by Pharrell)
    $100 Billin (Ft. Rick Ross & TI) (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    Glass Shield (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Sunday Suit (Ft. Nas & John Legend) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Blast Off (Ft. Big Sean) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Pain (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Is This The End (🤬 . by The Hitmen)

    King Los- 60 Minutes to Legendary


    Puffy Intro (🤬 . by Puff & The Hitmen)
    My Crown (🤬 . by the Hitmen)
    Lord Willin (Ft. Jeezy) (🤬 . by Dj Dahi)
    Poverty Child (🤬 . by Hi-Tek)
    Checks & Balances (Ft. Currensy) (🤬 . by Hi-Tek)
    Black Body (Ft. Nas) (🤬 . by DJ Premier)
    Truth Hurts Ft The Lox (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    After Platinum (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    Only King Left (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    All of Me (Ft. J. Cole) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Times Up (🤬 . by the Hitmen)

    John Legend – Supreme Love (🤬 Entirely by Ryan Leslie)


    Time Again
    The Love Supreme (Ft. Janet Jackson)
    Your Place
    Everyday is a New Day
    Her Interlude (Ft. Jhene Aiko)
    Protect Ours (Ft. Jill Scott)
    Kings & Queens
    Misunderstood (Ft. Common)
    Slow Kiss
    Unbreakable (Ft. J. Cole)

    Jay E – The Autobiography of T’Challa


    Kingdom (🤬 . by Flying Lotus)
    Have Mercy (🤬 . by The Hitmen & Large Professor)
    Civil War (Chapter 1) 🤬 . by The Hitmen
    The Soul Controller (Ft. Damien Marley) 🤬 . by Pete Rock
    The Dawn by the Die (Ft. Terrace Martin) 🤬 . by DJ Dahi
    Pledge the Nobility (Chapter 2) 🤬 . by DJ Premier
    War Klaw 🤬 . by The Hitmen
    Chakra Dance (Ft. Ab-Soul) 🤬 . by The Hitmen
    Trap Gods/ Black Gods (Ft. Jay Z) 🤬 . by The Hitmen & Pete Rock
    Minstrel Cycle (Ft. Q-Tip) (🤬 . by Hi-Tek)
    Panther (ft. Nas) (Chapter 3) 🤬 . by Large Professor
    Exhibit D – 🤬 . by DJ Premier

    Chris Brown – 2000 Watts


    The Roses (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    Chicago (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    Red Bandit (Ft. Lil Wayne) (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Sunrise Whispers (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    2000 Watts (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    No Name (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Light Up (Ft. Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill) (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    Nubian Girl (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    Privacy (Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa) (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    Trouble Boy (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)

    Angel Haze – BLKKKXGLD (🤬 . entirely by DJ Dahi)


    No Gravity
    Her Creator (Ft. Jhene Aiko & Jay E)
    Bodega Dreams (Ft. Asap Rocky & Flatbush Zombies)
    White Lies/ White Lines
    Battle Song
    Woman (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    Wake Up/ Awoken/ Stay Woke
    Gold Stripes (Ft. Lil Kim)
    Remember Me

    Bad Boy - A Saga Reborn


    Born Ready – Meek Mill (uncredited Notorious BIG vocals) 🤬 . by DJ Dahi
    Victorious – Diddy, Jay Electronica, Meek Mill, King Los (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Yo Its Lit! – Chris Brown, Diddy (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Bad Boy Zone – The Lox, King Los, Angel Haze Ft. Lil Kim (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    On Time (interlude)
    Roll Out – Chris Brown, Meek Mill (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    Proceed - Diddy (🤬 . by Pharrell)
    Don’t Stop – TI, Meek Mill, Chris Brown (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Airport (interlude)
    Shonuff Ridin – TI, Diddy (🤬 . by The Hitmen & DJ Toomp)
    Breakfast at Tiffanys – Jay Electronica, King Los, John Legend, Vic Mensa, Jill Scott (🤬 . by Hi-Tek & The Hitmen)
    American Cakkke – Flatbush Zombies, Angel Haze (🤬 . by DJ Dahi)
    MPR2- The Lox, Angel Haze, Flatbush Zombies (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    You Had A Chance – Ryan Leslie, Chris Brown, Jill Scott (🤬 . by Ryan Leslie)
    Most High – John Legend, Diddy, Mary J (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    Christopher Wallace Flow – Jay Electronica & The Lox (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
    The End – Diddy, & Jill Scott (🤬 . by The Hitmen)
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  • Michael_Malice
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    Wow. This is a good one.
  • TayGettem
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    ....🤬 yung went in 🤬 might have actually beat my ass in our match up lol good 🤬
  • Vader_F_Kennedy
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  • TayGettem
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    Hey we have till Sunday to vote chill lol but I'll vote sometime tonight
    I just got off work headed home now and last night I was to high and on a call of duty online marathon with some friends but I got y'all tonight
  • IceBergTaylor
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    TayGettem wrote: »
    Hey we have till Sunday to vote chill lol but I'll vote sometime tonight
    I just got off work headed home now and last night I was to high and on a call of duty online marathon with some friends but I got y'all tonight

    All of you 🤬 lurk on this site all day
    and LOL at the bolded, point proven.
  • Michael_Malice
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    We have until Sunday. Don't you want a thorough assessment?
  • IceBergTaylor
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    Mike I got a scotch for you bruh
  • Michael_Malice
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    Mike I got a scotch for you bruh

    Well damn. That's all you had to tell me. Will do my vote here shortly.
  • yung$
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    If we a using such a long time line for voting might as well drop two matches as a time, this rate we not finishing this competition until December
  • Michael_Malice
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    Longevity: At first glance I knew every category in this round would be close and we start off with longevity. Black Rose consists of a few artists that have been in the game with success for a time and a couple that have star potential to make some noise and stick around. The same can be said with BadBoy but in my opinion what separates them is Badboy. You just can't overlook how long Puffy has been in the game and what he brings to the other artists in the stable. The strategic move of scooping up Puffy and the Hitmen gives them the edge here.


    Critically Acclaimed: Although Black Rose at first glance looks a little light in the roster department, they make up for it with the high ceiling they have in this category. When strictly looking at critical acclaim and not factoring in any other category, there should not be an issue with the label receiving the accolades from critics and fans alike. Badboy will have hits no doubt, but the reviews and music coming from Black Rose will silence any doubters and the critics.

    Black Rose

    Sales: Both labels will use the veterans to push album sales to a respectable number. The question here is which label is built with sales in mind and not necessarily the critical acclaim or vice versa. Bad Boy looks to be looking at numbers and revenue just because they are heavier. Now will they bring everything together for billboard hits? Only time and marketing will tell but I can't doubt Puffy and what he has to work with here. While they may not acquire that critical acclaim, you will hear their artists on your radio. Drake just can't carry BlackRose by himself in this category at this point.


    ArtWork/Tracklist : Excellent work from both labels here. I always scroll fast through the albums on my initial look to see what jumps out to me and everything from both of these labels did. These are some of the strongest album covers we have seen as a whole. Although not one stands out from the other in either label, the consistency is crazy. Well done. As far as tracklisting I am looking for "believability" . I got that from both labels and everything just seems to fit. BlackRose used their strength in talent and BadBoy used their strength in numbers. Too close to call here. Again very well done.


    Cohesiveness: Here is where the numbers game worked out for Badboy. The mix of R&B and Hip Hop here works well because of the artists they have chosen. I go back to the sales category and the sales work because of the cohesiveness. Although a dangerous strategy if not used right in the draft, BadBoy made it work. BlackRose is cohesive in some aspects but the numbers game that Badboy is working just weighed in their favor here. Again another close one.


    Very good round for both labels. Had BlackRose been up against another label, they would probably be moving on. Good job.

    Overall Winner: Bad Boy

  • yung$
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  • Michael_Malice
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    yung$ wrote: »
    If we a using such a long time line for voting might as well drop two matches as a time, this rate we not finishing this competition until December

    Trust me. Be patient. If the judges are consistent and you rush them you could get a 🤬 game. Past games went well because we gave the judges time for a review.

    That's just me though. I can throw something really quick up but it will just be to shut up people that are rushing me. I can't speak for the other judges though.

    Now if the current judges don't want to vote or don't have time and we need to get new judges that's a different thing.

  • IceBergTaylor
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    Ayo @Michael_Malice good lookin out on the vote. You know Puff & I got you with them cirocs, scotch, round ice cubes and 🤬 ale on deck.

  • TayGettem
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    Gemme time to review I gotta Google alot of people cuz y'all be picking no name ass artist I never heard of in the south lol
  • Michael_Malice
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    TayGettem wrote: »
    Gemme time to review I gotta Google alot of people cuz y'all be picking no name ass artist I never heard of in the south lol

    Yeah I had to use my googles on a few of them.
  • TayGettem
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    Also I know this is create the best label but I think this is mostly a hip hop and R&B competition
    I think that's the only to generes that where in the auction.... Imma be sure to explote that next year and get some plat and gold selling rock, techno, pop and country artist since y'all leave those generes virtually untouched
  • IceBergTaylor
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    I'm sorry if I been rushing. Just excited to get on with the game. Looking forward to the votes.
  • TayGettem
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    Longevity - goes to Bad Boy...I looked up all of Black Roses artist ummm well the only artist he has that are proven to last are Drake, Outkast, The Roots, and Damian Marley.....bad boy has Puff, T.I, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, John Legend, Jill Scott, The Lox....it really comes down to this main artist in both camps cuz the other artist are all unproven talent, wasted talent or just damn unknown mainstream wise....dont get me wrong currensy, king los and Jay are talented but them 🤬 been in the game fir yrs and still stuck in that mixtape lane hell jay dont even got a mixtape so bad boy has the winning ticket with more artist proven to last

    Critically Acclaim - goes to Black Rose simply cause a outkast reunion and album is what fans and hip hop dream abt...plus Drake is wrecking 🤬 right now idt anyway on bad boy roster is more popular music wise

    Sales - goes to Bad Boy they just way more combined talent most if not all of there proven talent has a gold or plat under there belts
    Only artist doing plat or gold on black rose roster constantly is Drake and he can't do it all by himself

    Artwork/Tracklist - would be a tie in my book they all look like 🤬 the actual artist would make except for that T.I and meek joint cover wise but Drake's 🤬 dont look that realistic to me either cover wise so tie

    Cohesiveness - Bad Boy I mean 🤬 they label just to damn deep

    Winner Bad Boy
  • yung$
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    I'm sorry if I been rushing. Just excited to get on with the game. Looking forward to the votes.

  • jazzybella
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    I see two votes for ice....one more then we move on to Sion vs Ibex.

    Yes, I do know that it's not following the bracket however I had to make changes to accommodate some players who were late getting their rosters/albums submitted. Thank you.

    - Bella
  • nillerthekid
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    Longevity: Black Rose Ent. – Yung$ managed to put together a well diverse roster, not saying Iceberg didn’t, but I feel like BRE has more artists who can carry the label for themselves for a time, thereby making the label less dependent on a single artists. I’m a little more on the line with Bad Boy. While the roster is well diversified, some of the artists on the roster have yet to prove themselves, and I’m not convinced his veteran artist would be able to carry his team the same way as Yung$

    Critically acclaim: Bad Boy – the roster is, as mentioned, well diversified, and while they might not have the same commercial appeal as their counterparts, the quality of the music they could release has the opportunity to be amazing. The same could be said about BRE, so it comes down to the numbers, where I feel like Bad Boy comes out slightly on top, but it’s close though.

    Sales: Black Rose Ent. – In my opinion, this category is closely related to longevity, and since BRE won that category, it makes sense for them to get the w here as well. Having Drake and Outkast proves this to me, since I don’t feel like Bad Boy have any acts that would be able to compete with their potential sales.

    Cohesion: Bad Boy – While Black Rose has a well-diversified roster, it seems like Yung$ wasn’t really thinking too much of cohesion when picking artists. Bad Boy on the other hand, have a similarity with the “real life” Bad Boy, which gives a nice touch, and in the end decides this category.

    Cover/tracklist: Bad Boy – close call, as both players delivered some great materiel here, but in my opinion, Icebergs work was slightly better. Neither player had any flat out bad artwork, and their output ranged from good to fantastic. When it is as close as it is, little details sets the players apart, and both had some that annoyed me a little. Unlike most players, Iceberg didn’t number his tracklists, and while this is far from the most important thing, it’s easy to gain overview of the planned projects, when they are accompanied by numbers.
    Yung$ had some funny sized covers. While the artwork itself was dope, having these “non-fitting” covers seems a little unprofessional, and unfortunately, this ends up deciding who gets the ultimate victory, in a great and even match up.

    Vote goes to: Bad Boy and Iceberg with the votes 3-2
  • yung$
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    I gotta find a way to get out of the first round, I feel like T-Mac :)

    Thanks for the votes guys.....on to the next