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Bama cop is upset that his racial profiling of Blk man went viral & says people are 'race-baiting'

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Alabama police officer disgusted by 'race-baiting' after safety stop

Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid is outraged. He's been called a racist, a terrorist, and told it's a good thing when cops get killed.

And that was just this morning.

A video is making its way across the internet showing a Pleasant Grove officer questioning a young black man in a Subway uniform, a conversation recorded by the young man on his cell phone. According to the website photographyisnotacrime.com, the young man is Deonte Lynn and he believes he was stopped because he is black.

The video shows the officer pulling out his notepad and pen, and asking for Lynn's identification. Lynn complains about being stopped, says he just got off work and was only walking across the street.

The conversation gets heated – at least on the part of Lynn, who starts to curse. The officer eventually made Lynn put his hands on the car while he patted him down. That's when the video ended.

Reid said the interaction between the two actually happened three months ago. And naturally, he said, it doesn't show everything.

"This guy was walking in the street and he was dangerously in the road, so the officer rolled down his window and told him to get out of the street so he wouldn't get hit,'' Reid said. "He copped an attitude and got out of the street."

The officer drove away, and Lynn got right back in the street, Reid said. That's when the officer turned around, stopped and got out of the car. "The officer said, 'Can you get out of the street. You're going to get run over and I don't want you to get hit,'' he said.

Lynn wasn't arrested and wasn't even given a ticket. "This is a case where he was stopped for his safety and tried to turn it around into some sort of racial issue, which it wasn't,to make a police officer look bad,'' Reid said. "This is disgusting."

The officer, Reid said, did everything the right way. "This is a police officer telling a person to get out of harm's way,'' he said.

At the bottom of the photographyisnotacrime.com article, the author lists the telephone number for the Pleasant Grove Police Department and encourages readers to voice their complaints. And that they have.

"What's further disgusting is people from all over the country are calling, regular people with nothing better to do than sit there and watch YouTube,'' Reid said. "One man called and said, 'Why do you hate black people?'"

Another told a dispatcher, "Tell that officer he is a terrorist, and I like it when cops get wasted."

Reid said it's nothing short of race-baiting.

"It's unreal,'' Reid said. "It's disgusting that we're even having this conversation."

Damn black people & their smartphones.. Why want they let us profile them in peace w/ their phones turned off...



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    Alabama Man Records Himself Getting Stopped and Frisked for Walking Down Street

    Dressed in his Subway uniform, Deonte Lynn had just gotten off work and was walking down the street on his way to return a Redbox movie when he was confronted by an Alabama cop who didn’t like the way he was walking.

    At least that’s what the cop said, but Lynn believes he was stopped because he is black.

    And it certainly seems that way because the cop was unable to articulate a reasonable suspicion that he had committed a crime.

    Not that the cop would let that minor detail stop him from detaining Lynn for 30 minutes after frisking him and threatening to take him to jail.

    The cop was from the Pleasant Grove Police Department, which patrols a city of about 10,000 whose motto is “The Good Neighbor City,” but city mottos, many times, are not put into practice.

    The video starts out with the cop pulling out his notepad and pen, telling Lynn, “you either give me your ID or you give me your information, one of the two.”

    Lynn is complaining about being stopped, telling the cop that he just got off work, that he was only walking across the street.

    The cop, meanwhile, is calling for backup.

    “I’m going to give you just a little bit before you go to jail,” the cop tells him twice.

    “You stopped and told me, ‘don’t walk like that’ and I said, ‘ok,'” Lynn tells the cop.

    “No, I said, get on across the road,” the cop responds. “You’re about to enter a (standstill?).”

    “When you told me that, I was already at the gas station,” Lynn says.

    The cop then says he was walking along side the edge of the road. Lynn says he was doing so because there is no sidewalk.

    “Why you stop me?” Lynn asks.

    “I can come out and talk to you anytime I want to,” the cop says.

    “You’re not telling me why you 🤬 stopped me,” Lynn says.

    “I don’t care. At this point, I’ll tell you why you’re going to jail,” the cop says.

    But the cop never tells him.

    Instead, he just orders him to place his hands against the car.

    “I’m going to check you for any weapons,” the cop says. “Put your hands against the car right now.”

    And from there, the video ends with Lynn complying with the cop’s demands.

    In the comments section of his video, Lynn says he was detained for 30 minutes before he was released.

    Call the Pleasant Grove Police Department at (205) 744-1735 or leave a comment on their Facebook page.
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    "This guy was walking in the street and he was dangerously in the road, so the officer rolled down his window and told him to get out of the street so he wouldn't get hit,'' Reid said. "He copped an attitude and got out of the street."

    so u patt him down, then throw in the jail??
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    Nothing to see here, just another white man telling "white lies."
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    Like I said before when cop gets gunned down i have no sympathy for them whether they black,white,asian, hispanic etc. If more cops got dropped maybe they will know how we feel when they 🤬 one of our own.
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    C'mon guys give'em a break. All they wanna do is harass and arrest us in peace w/o being called out for it....what's happening to america?
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    How you catch fish...

    I have no problem with "RACE BATING"
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    Was he breaking a law? No! Let that man go on bout his business! Then they wonder how 🤬 escalates. You bothering people for petty 🤬 !